Mobile Health ROI Calculator Reveals Savings from Vaccinating Employees

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roi calculator for vaccinesMobile Health’s new flu vaccination ROI calculator estimates the savings that businesses might expect when vaccinating their employees using Mobile Health’s flu shot solutions. The tool demonstrates the cost-effectiveness of vaccination, requiring only three parameters in order to determine an estimated savings. Savings are calculated for both the Flu Shot Express program and on-site flu clinics.

The flu is responsible for an $87 billion burden on businesses every year. This includes hospital costs, lost productivity from missed work, and lost lives. Medical costs alone accounted for more than $10 billion. The cost of outpatient hospital visits for businesses is estimated at $31 million and hospitalizations at $3 million. Furthermore, the flu is estimated to be the cause of 111 million missed work days every year.

The phenomenon of “presenteeism,” employees who show up to work sick, is also costing businesses billions and compromising employees’ health. Researchers have found that on-the-job loss of productivity due to presenteeism accounted for up to 60 percent of worker illness costs.

In addition, one study found that 86 percent of health care employees working with individuals at high risk for complications continued to attend work with symptoms of respiratory infections.

An investment in vaccinations can lead to substantial gains in productivity and considerable savings in the long run. Mobile Health’s flu vaccination ROI calculator shows the tangible benefits of offering your employees a convenient opportunity to get their seasonal flu vaccines.

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