Most Productive American Companies

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newsConsumers must pay careful attention if they want to “buy American.”  As many people glibly comment that nothing is made in the United States anymore, one company has alerted people to American companies that are especially productive.

Profiles International, a company that aims to increase the productivity of various businesses, has announced the 2011 America’s Most Productive Companies Report.  The 2011 research is the most comprehensive study of human capital productivity of its kind.

The study focuses specifically on labor productivity, which is defined as the revenue produced per full-time employee.  Profiles International analyzed data from almost 21 million people in over 742 companies, 17 industries, and 153 sub-industries.

In its report, Profiles International recognized many familiar companies such as Domino’s Pizza,, The New York Times Company, and Colgate-Palmolive Company.

While these are productive, American companies, the people who are being productive are not necessarily workers in this country.  For instance, Colgate-Palmolive Company has many more properties overseas than in the U.S.  It has facilities in Australia, Brazil, China, Colombia, France, Guatemala, Italy, Mexico, Poland, South Africa, Thailand, and Venezuela.

While it is helpful to measure productivity in terms of understanding the U.S. economy and its place in the global market, productivity figures do not necessarily indicate companies that create the most job growth in the U.S.

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