Mother’s Day: Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Recruiting Moms

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According to some research , working mothers make up one-third of women in the workforce. Because of how prevalent they are, if you’re not recruiting moms, you might be missing out on a large chunk of great talent in the labor market. . 

Some companies might not want to hire moms who will only work part-time, or some companies may not think that a mom will be able to focus on her professional life if she is about to go on maternity leave. However, the truth is just the opposite. 

This Mother’s Day, read this post to discover the top ten reasons why hiring a working mother will benefit and grow your business. 

1. Great at Multitasking

If you’re a startup, you won’t have the resources to hire a big team, so you’ll need to ensure that your team members are as efficient as possible. As parents, moms are constantly juggling different tasks and multiple schedules and finding a way to streamline their workflow to get everything done. 

These valuable parenting skill sets can translate to the office, making them well suited to this environment. Moms play all kinds of roles in their children’s lives, so they’ll be able to multitask efficiently and get a lot done with only a limited amount of time. 

2. Can Fill Part-Time Positions

Some companies would prefer to hire full-time employees, but hiring part-time employees can be beneficial. More moms will only work if they can work part-time. According to Pew Research , 47% of mothers said they would prefer to work part-time remotely. Only 32% would like to work full-time. 

If you’re looking for part-time employees, moms could be the perfect demographic to fill those open positions. However, if you can’t find full-time employees to fill your jobs, you may consider hiring a few part-time employees. This could help you attract working moms, who will work just as efficiently on a part-time status due to their time management skills. 

Hiring a mom in a part-time position could also mean that you find someone who is efficient and knows how to get a lot done in a short period. When you prioritize the quality of work over the quantity of time they’ve worked, you’re more likely to have better results. 

3. More Diversity

Hiring moms can also make your company more diverse. They can offer unique perspectives that can help your business grow. When you have a team from all kinds of different places and backgrounds, you’re more likely to find new ways to grow your company. 

And when 80%  of employees say that they want to work at a company that prioritizes diversity, this can be a great employer branding move to attract new talent. The motherhood penalty is a type of discrimination where mothers aren’t hired because companies are worried that it could affect their business.

4. Resilient

Being a mother is not an easy job, especially when giving birth and raising a family. However, these moms manage to handle these emotions and still take care of their family life. This makes women more resilient and able to address other challenges in the workplace. 

In fact, research  has shown that this resiliency can make women better leaders and more profitable. 

5. They Model Good Boundaries

When you include a working mom in your talent acquisition, they can model how to be flexible and respect working hours. This will help show your other employees how to work efficiently and smartly rather than spending too much time working and getting burnt out

You could also attract other talent when you have this type of company culture. For example, Gen Z and millennials also want this type of flexibility and boundaries, and if they find that these moms at your company have that, they might be more willing to accept a job offer there. 

Working parents can also be flexible at your company. As they navigate around their family’s schedule, they might be able to work different hours and fill in gaps that other employees may not be able to work. Keep in mind that each employee or mom might have a different schedule, so it might be best to offer an asynchronous working schedule. 

6. They Bring a Creative Perspective

As a mom, it’s normal for them to be empathetic naturally. They’re great at anticipating what people will need, making them a great team member. They know how to take responsibility and do what needs to be done for their family or team members. 

Moms are constantly solving problems for their children, which sometimes requires them to be creative. This creative perspective can help your company grow and succeed. Some of the best companies were built to create a solution to a specific problem, and moms have the creative experience to identify and fix those complex problems. 

7. Boost Your Company Culture

Do you need to create a company culture that is inclusive and open to everyone’s ideas? Do you want more diversity or creative processes? Hiring moms could be the answer.

They can bring positive energy and fun into your business that could be just the boost to culture that you’re looking for. As hard workers, they might also influence other employees to follow in their footsteps.

8. Resourceful

Moms have to wear many hats, including teacher, cook, housekeeper, parent, and problem-solver. Because of this, they have to be resourceful and find a way to solve different problems. Moms can even bring this resourcefulness and project management skill to your business. 

Some moms make the best entrepreneurs because they know how to manage crises, manage different schedules, and wear multiple hats. They can help bring an outstanding work-life balance to your organization and help you solve various problems with your company. 

9. Efficient

Regardless of how many things demand their time, moms always find a way to make it work. They can focus and stay organized to be more efficient and productive. 

Many women have said that being a mom has improved their productivity and life skills since they have less time to get work done. They find ways to be more efficient with a limited amount of time while still doing a great job. 

10. Patient

Being a mom is not an easy task, and it requires a lot of patience. Mom can bring this valuable skill to your business. They are more empathetic and patient, which can be an essential skill for an employee who wants to move up to management or C-level. 

For example, learning how to handle a toddler’s temper tantrum might make a coworker’s emotional reaction much easier. It also becomes easier for moms to learn how to control their own emotions and deal with problematic encounters with customers or coworkers. This is a skill that some on-the-job training might not be able to teach. 

Start Recruiting Moms Today

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By Alyssa Harmon