New Offering Delivers Context-aware Talent Solution from SumTotal, Skillsoft

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context aware talent solutionA partnership between integrated HR-solutions firm SumTotal Systems and learning-content company Skillsoft has resulted in an industry first intelligent talent solution. The offering allows companies to deliver in-context learning and talent content to employees both when and where they need it. SumTotal’s recently announced elixHR platform provides Skillsoft content assets such as traditional courseware, video, and blended learning modalities.

“One of the biggest challenges across organizations of all sizes is providing employees with just-in-time learning actions that truly improve their ability to get better at their jobs while they are doing them,” said Hardeep Gulati, SumTotal’s Executive Vice President of Worldwide Products. “By combining the unrivaled contextual and pervasive capabilities delivered by SumTotal’s elixHR platform with Skillsoft’s competency-aligned courseware and content assets, we are providing customers with an intelligent talent solution that knows what learning actions to deliver based on the skill and competency they require to enable employees to be more productive and effective.”

The integration of Skillsoft’s learning assets with SumTotal’s LMS reduces costs, complexity, and consumer risks. The platform dynamically automates the administration of the Skillsoft catalog with real-time content updates. The integration also provides tracking and contextual text searching across Skillsoft content giving employees access to learning and training actions to improve how they do their jobs.

“Learning is an integral part of talent development, but today’s employees are pressed for time more than ever before. Many can’t afford to spend days out of the office getting ramped up on key skills and programs,” said Colm Darcy, Co-Chief Product Officer at Skillsoft. “By providing the most current, relevant content that can be accessed at a time and place that is most convenient for the employee, we are not only helping individuals advance in their careers, but organizations as a whole be more successful. We are pleased to partner with SumTotal to deliver targeted learning content to employees throughout the organization.”


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