New Platform for Hiring and Social Recruiting Released

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willbehiredCompany willbeHired has announced the release of its next-generation recruitment and tracking platform designed to offer predictive analytics to increase hiring process efficiency. The new platform extracts applicant individual applicant data and constructs a profile based on a candidate’s experience, behavioral attributes, and cultural preferences. Applicant profiles are then compared against top performers in order to predict the best matches for each open position.

“The timing for willbeHired is perfect: companies are still struggling to fill job positions, despite stubbornly high unemployment, reflecting a disconnect between companies and job candidates,” said Thor Culverhouse, CEO and co-founder at willbeHired. “We are closing that gap by allowing hiring managers to find the best candidate for the job and make the best hiring decision, leading to success for the company and the candidate.”

The company promises to go beyond other systems in the area of social recruiting and employee referrals as well. willbeHired states that they go “beyond simply tweeting or sharing job descriptions.” The actually involve company employees in the social recruitment process through contests, with a hierarchical leader-board to inspire competition.

“An estimated 1.6 million jobs are anticipated to be created over the next year, plus the natural transience of professionals, all demonstrate that willbeHired is exactly what the market needs – the ability to discover the right person for the right job quickly,” he continued.

High-talent applicants are transitioning away from using traditional job descriptions as the sole gauge for measuring the suitability of a job to fit their lifestyles. More frequently, top performers are considering other factors such as core values, work-life balance, and best cultural fit when deciding which job offer to accept. For companies who haven’t adapted to this new form of employer selection, conventional hiring techniques may fail to attract and retain top talent.

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