New Study Pinpoints Most Common Weaknesses in Leaders

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newsCheckster, a leading provider of talent assessment tools, recently announced their findings of a leadership competency study. The study looked at over 17,000 businesses, non-profit and government employees in order to determine which management skills needed the most improvement.

Checkster showcased their results in a recent press release, ultimately concluding that, “the ability to energize their team,” was the most lacking quality that leaders exhibited.

The study also made note of the leaders lack of self-awareness in relation to this deficit. Leaders were more likely to point to the ability, “to master their industry and product knowledge,” as their biggest weakness. The results suggest that leaders are more self-conscience about their industry expertise, and less aware of their lack of motivational prowess.

“Our study not only uncovered that the ability to energize team members is a scarce commodity, but that leaders perceive their lack of product and industry knowledge versus people leadership as their top weakness,” said Yves Lermusi, chief executive officer of Checkster, the leading provider of talent assessment that leverages collective intelligence. “They are wrong and this inaccurate perception should be uncovered to enable strategic personal growth. That is why we have released a one pager on Energizing Tips and made our 360 feedback Talent Checkup free.”

Checkster provides a number of solutions for evaluating organizational effectiveness. Their products use business intelligence metrics to identify issues and find solutions. Their two core products include the Reference Check 2.0 process, which assesses talent pre-hire by upgrading the traditional telephone reference check, and the new process of 360 Checkup, which provides developmental feedback to employees.

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