New Tool Provides Access to Employee Assistance Programs Online

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online eapsWorkers and their families can now request Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services online from their personal electronic devices thanks to the launch of an online tool, from New Directions Behavioral Health, that allows people to open an EAP counseling session and search for a provider.

EAPs are designed to help people through major life challenges, including the challenge of time. The confidential and secure tool provides a fast, easy and anonymous way to seek counseling services.

New Directions is a provider of integrated medical and behavioral health care solutions designed to reduce the cost of improving health, with an emphasis on patient-centered care.

“Asking for help for a mental health issue or addiction can be difficult. Making that first call is often the hardest part,” said John Quick, New Directions’ President and CEO. “The new electronic EAP feature gives employees and their family members another way to get help when they need it, wherever they are.”

After answering a few simple questions, individuals receive a customized list of providers who best meet their needs. Participants call their chosen provider to schedule an appointment. Employees and family members also have toll-free, 24/7 telephone access to the company’s Service Center for EAP services. The interactive website provides free, fingertip access to informative articles and assessments.

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