One out of Three Employees Expect to Leave Their Job, New Survey Suggests

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newsA new survey report launched by Lumesse, entitled Inspiring Talent 2011 – suggests that all is not well in the workplace. In a recent press release from the company, survey results revealed that 29% of workers expect to leave their company within 5 years. Additionally, four out of five employees felt that their skills were not fully utilized, while nearly half of those surveyed felt their performance appraisal process was of little or no value.

The survey involved almost 4,000 employees across the globe, including workers from the U.S., the U.K., Germany and China. Participants were asked to rate workplace attitudes concerning their jobs and employers, with questions focusing on loyalty, job satisfaction, workplace pride, training opportunities and salary perceptions.

“Some consistent messages come out of this free report regardless of age, gender and geographical location,” said Lumesse CEO Matthew Parker. “It’s clear that many people feel their skills are not used as well as they could be, and that many employers are not using effective performance appraisal techniques to help people contribute more. For many people the solution is going to be a move to a new job. That’s a pity because overall the survey shows good levels of workplace pride and satisfaction. If employers can combine that happiness with better career management then the benefits are obvious – better retention, better performance, and higher productivity.”

The Inspiring Talent 2011 survey is a precautionary tale of critical importance to employers – especially if recruiters and hiring managers are expected to fill the organizational gaps that quality talent has left behind.

“If people don’t think their skills are being used to their full potential it’s not surprising that many are looking for a new job. At Lumesse one of our key goals is to make it easier for organizations to create inspiring careers for their staff. The Inspiring Talent report highlights some critical areas where employers can make real gains.”

Lumesse is a global provider of talent management and talent acquisition solutions. Their web based software  is used by over 1,700 customers in more than 70 countries.

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