Partnership: M-Files and CBIZ to Add Document Management to Service Offerings

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Blue puzzle piecesOn-premise and hybrid ECM solutions provider M-Files Inc. has announced a partnership with accounting provider CBIZ in order to expand the service options available to CBIZ customers by adding document management capabilities for accounting, employee benefits, and medical management clients. As a member of the M-Files Partner Program, CBIZ will now sell and service M-Files solutions that complement their existing portfolio. M-Files offers a range of features including general-purpose document control, workflow automation, and content and process support.

“CBIZ focuses on delivering total business solutions that integrate front- and back-office operations in order to help companies in heavily-regulated industries increase productivity, enhance efficiency and achieve greater profitability. We found the M-Files enterprise content management system to be a complementary solution to our product and service portfolio,” said Robert Cini, managing director at CBIZ. “We have many customers who don’t have a formal ECM or document management system in place, and as a result, have not optimized how they manage their content and associated processes. M-Files enables us to help our customers not only with basic document management, but also with the demanding requirements associated with ERP integration and compliance.”

CBIZ will offer M-Files for Microsoft Dynamics GP and SharePoint which will allow their clients to better organize, track, and manage operational documentation and processes and maintain better document control and business process management.

“Documents are a critical component of the operational information and processes that our customers manage with Dynamics GP and SharePoint. However, many of our customers who utilize Dynamics GP and SharePoint are looking for a solution to augment these platforms to better address their specific requirements for organizing, managing and tracking documents, business processes and related information,” added Cini. “By ensuring that the correct version of any document related to a record in Microsoft Dynamics GP and SharePoint is instantly available exactly when it is needed, M-Files maximizes productivity while providing the foundation for achieving and maintaining compliance with important industry standards and regulations.”


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