Promology101 Offers Wellness Books To Aid In Corporate Wellness Programs

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wellnessAtlanta based promotional marketing firm, Promology101, has added new, customized wellness books that will help companies to educate, motivate, and inspire employees. Research indicates that Corporate Wellness Programs increase productivity, save money, and increase employee morale.

The number of employers utilizing Corporate Wellness Programs has increased due to concerns about human capital. In order to help employees physically and mentally, programs utilize educational, organizational, and environmental activities to support and assist employees, including health coaching and weight management.

Principal Financial Group has conducted a study that shows that 41% of workers believe that wellness programs motivate them to put more effort into their work. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports that companies that have exercise programs included in their wellness programs have lower healthcare costs. In fact, healthcare costs fell from 75 to 55%, short-term leave decreased from 38 to 32%, and productivity rose from 50 to 52%.

Promology101 books tend to give employees a sense of team unity and achievement. They are beneficial in changing employees’ behavior so that they can have better health and have less health risks. For more information on Promology101 and their wellness or motivational books, please visit

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