Qualities of the Best Recruiters

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check The best recruiters possess an uncanny ability to match people with careers. It’s an intangible quality, and one that is hard to pinpoint.

Recruiters are the human resources professionals responsible for getting the word out about great job opportunities and getting qualified candidates to fill these positions. There are many different types of recruiters out there, from those who work as part of a HR team in a large corporation to third party recruiters working with agencies. Recruiting is a growing industry, and it’s getting more and more competitive every day. In order to stay on top, you need to self-assess every once in a while and make sure you have the qualities of a top recruiter. Here are some questions to ask to help you along.

Do you have a good network?

As the saying goes, it really is all about who you know. To be a great recruiter, you have to have a large network of business contacts in various industries to help you find the best candidates for your positions. With a well-connected network, you can create a pipeline that will help you source the best candidates. There are a thousand resources at your fingertips for keeping up with your networks, such as LinkdIn, Facebook and email, so there’s no excuse. Make sure to send out the occasional email and keep in touch as much as possible with your network.

Can you do thorough research?

In order to find the right candidate, you have to thoroughly understand all aspects of the position your client is trying to fill. In order to understand the position, do research into the company, the industry and the position itself. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and talk to current employees at the company to see what they think of the position. Talk to people who have worked in that position to get their perspective. Get hands on with your clients and tour their facilities or watch their operations so that you can position yourself as an expert in their industry.

Are you using the latest tools?

There are a ton of software solutions for recruiters out there today. Gone are the days when recruiters had to flip through Rolodexes or ledger books to find contact details or candidate information. Stay abreast of the latest technology solutions in the recruiting industry and utilize them to track contacts, improve your marketing abilities and search out new candidates on the Internet. New software can allow you to pull up a candidate’s portfolio, contact information, tracking history of all the jobs they’ve applied for and emails they’ve responded to as soon as they call you.

Can you deliver consistent results?

All clients want their recruiter to consistently deliver quality candidates that fit within their hiring guidelines and budget. You can have the largest network, the most impressive degree or the latest software, but you won’t be a top recruiter unless you can deliver stellar candidates under budget on a regular basis. Focus on consistency and reliability with your clients and your candidates, and your career will benefit.

Great recruiting requires perseverance and dedication above all else. Although great recruiters make recruiting look easy, it is a service industry that requires a lot of hard work. If you are getting ready to start in the industry, be prepared to work hard every day. The great thing about recruiting though is that for the right people, they get to do what they love every day – talk to people about their careers, earn a great living, and make a difference in people’s lives.

By Recruiter.com