Recovering from 2009 Layoffs, Top Minnesota Companies Recruit Again

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newsAs you think about what economic recovery and recruiting practices will look like in your field of work, you can think creatively about new job markets or you can think about those jobs that were cut in 2009.   Economic recovery will not just be about new jobs and job creation, it will also be about reinstating jobs that temporarily vanished.  Hopefully, like in Minnesota, we will begin to see some of these jobs return soon.

In Minnesota it seems like the economy has taken a turn for the better, as new jobs open up across the state.  The hiring practices of the state’s largest companies are picking up, and their head spokespeople promise more jobs ahead.  A survey from the Star Tribune reports that the very same companies that were quick to cut back on their workforce in 2009 are now rehiring for those positions.

John J. Oslund and Patrick Kennedy of the Star Tribune report that ” After shedding more than 25,000 jobs in 2009, the top 100 companies added 9,135 jobs last year.”

“Among the Star Tribune 100, 66 companies added workers in 2010, including UnitedHealth Group, 3M, Target, General Mills and U.S. Bancorp. In 2009, only 36 companies added jobs,” Oslund and Kennedy also reported.

While the news from these corporations does not tell the full picture of what it’s feeling like to look for work in Minnesota, the data does suggest a mood of general optimism in which, at the very least, large companies are revitalizing their workforce and hiring again.

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