Recruiter Index®: After a Colder November, Recruiters Expect Growth in the Coming Months

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recruiter index

Since April, has been tracking recruiter sentiment and hiring activity through the Recruiter Index®, an ongoing survey of recruiters and hiring professionals on the front lines of the job market today.

November’s survey saw overall sentiment largely unchanged from October — but that doesn’t tell the full story. For the first time since July, recruiters were feeling less confident about the job market in November than they had the previous month. However, November’s cooldown was counterbalanced by noticeable upticks in recruiters’ forecasts for the future. Both the 30-day and 90-day outlooks are more optimistic than they were last month. CEO Evan Sohn once again appeared on CNBC to discuss the Recruiter Index® results. Check out the video below:

For more insights from the latest Recruiter Index®, see the infographic below:


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