Recruiter Job of the Day: Client Project Manager for Interlad

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Interlad, a leading medical system imaging management company, is looking for a Client Project Manager to join their team in Raleigh, North Carolina.

In this role, you will define and manage the entire process of product implementation and expansion projects for Intelerad’s customers and partners. Client project managers interact with customers to install, optimize or modify their PACS (picture archiving communication system) or RIS (radiological information system) based on their business results. These projects are built using Intelerad’s project methodology encompassing comprehensive planning, execution, and reporting processes, models, and tools. Project governance, risk monitoring, product definition, and other activities are key elements in the daily reality of an Intelerad client project manager.

To be eligible, you must have 5+ years of managing technical projects, desirably software implementations, with an eye to managing risk, scope, quality, and budget.

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By Laurel Lockwood