Recruiter Job of the Day: Senior Technical Recruiter for Zuora

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Zuora, an enterprise software company that creates and provides software for businesses to launch and manage their subscription-based services, is looking for a Senior Technical Recruiter to join their team remotely.

As a critical team member, you’ll support the end-to-end hiring process across your assigned roles, working closely with hiring managers to innovatively identify, attract, assess and close candidates. You’ll paint a compelling picture of the company, vision, culture, role, and overall opportunity to prospective talent, tapping into their motivators every step of the way. You’ll build lasting relationships with both candidates and hiring managers, delivering an unparalleled recruiting experience that drives the business forward via consistent hiring of qualified, diverse talent. The best part? You will get to see your direct efforts manifest in actual company growth and organizational change.

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By Laurel Lockwood