Recruiter Job Spotlight: Square

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This week’s Recruiter Jobs Spotlight is on Square, a financial services and digital payments company.  Since its creation in 2009, Square has sold small card readers that connect to mobile devices. These readers allow businesses to charge customers for their services without equipment. Today, Square sells a variety of tools, from registers and chip readers to team management and site-building software.

The startup was established by cofounders Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey, and it has expanded rapidly throughout the past twelve years. Square has offices in major US cities, from its San Francisco headquarters to its smaller New York office.

Square believes the economy is better when everyone has access. They have leveled the playing field for small businesses. They’re empowering the electrician to send invoices, setting up the food truck with a delivery option, helping the clothing boutique pay its employees, and giving the coffee chain capital for a second, third, and fourth location. Square started to help sellers of all sizes start, run, and grow their businesses.

Promoting Diversity

Square’s purpose is to empower, both inside and outside their walls. They understand that to build the best tools for the businesses that they support, they have to start with a workforce as diverse and empowered as their sellers and customers.

Square has implemented measures to ensure fairness in promotion and compensation:

  • Fairness in promotions: The Human Resources team devised a Fair and Square checklist to identify potential biases when considering employees for promotion. This checklist is now used throughout the entire company during the promotion cycle.
  • Fairness in compensation: Regarding compensation fairness, Square’s People Analytics team audits all compensation changes to assess pay equity across race, gender, and age groups.

Square offers a variety of  employee-run resource groups that promote universal inclusivity through networking, development opportunities, and social events:

Benefits and Perks

Square offers multiple health, dental, and vision insurance plans for its employees to choose from, with both high deductible and low deductible plans. Square also contributes $2,000 a year to each employee’s Health Savings Account.

Other notable health benefits include membership with Lyra, a network of mental health care providers. Its Employee Assistance Program offers services to team members dealing with personal and work-related issues.

Unlimited paid time off, sick days, and holidays are available to all Square employees.

Square’s parental leave policy is considered one of the best in the nation. The company offers new parents, including birth, adoptive, and foster, 16 weeks of PTO.

Square also grants family leave to care for a sick spouse, child, or qualifying parent. Their commitment to family doesn’t stop there: Square offers up to $7,000 for adoption and fertility assistance.

Square offers a ton of great additional lifestyle perks to its employees:

  • A work-from-home kit with a laptop, monitor, headset, and a $500 stipend to buy anything else you might need for your home office
  • Reimbursement for electricity and internet up to $125 per month
  • Monthly $75 gym/wellness reimbursement, as well as free on-site fitness classes and wellness events
  • Monthly $125 phone bill reimbursement
  • Free subscription to LinkedIn Learning
  • Working in the office has its perks as well: casual dress attire, free snacks and drinks, and onsite cafes at some locations

Why work for Square?

Square boasts competitive benefits, amazing perks, a vibrant culture, and a solid work-life balance.

Overall, the culture at Square emphasizes community, collaboration, and diversity, making it an ideal environment for anyone who regards these values as necessary in their employer.

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