Recruiting Made Easier: How One Free Chrome Extension Can Help

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For recruiters, it’s frustrating when someone says hiring is an easy job. While the pandemic brought on a slew of terrible circumstances, such as economic turmoil, layoffs, and budget cuts, recruiting pre-pandemic wasn’t a walk in the park either. With record-low unemployment, 78 percent of employed professionals open to job hopping, and heavy competition from outside organizations, the challenges were never-ending even before COVID-19 arrived. 

With all of that in mind, we won’t even try to suggest there’s a magical Chrome extension that will fix every problem a recruiter has. However, we will say this with absolute certainty: Hiretual’s Chrome extension provides amazing features that will optimize your time, bolster your ability to connect with ideal candidates, and ultimately make your job easier to do. The best part? It’s free to use. 

Here’s a look at why Hiretual’s Chrome extension is crucial to have in your tech stack moving forward. 

Contact Finding

Let us know if this situation sounds familiar to you: You’re looking through a platform like LinkedIn, Kaggle, or even Twitter. You come across a candidate profile, and they match all of the criteria for an open position at your organization. You’re thrilled that you’ve finally found the ideal candidate — but then you face a major problem. You can’t find the contact information for this candidate. If you can’t find their contact information, then you won’t be able to reach out to them. All of that time you spent looking for an ideal candidate just went to waste. 

Now, let’s revisit that same scenario, but this time you have Hiretual’s free Chrome extension. Again, you come across a profile for an ideal candidate, and the contact information is nowhere to be found. However, you remember that Hiretual’s Chrome extension has a contact-finder feature that boasts an industry-leading 90 percent contact-finding rate. Using this feature, you successfully find the candidate’s personal email, professional email, and all of their open web accounts. Congratulations! Instead of letting an ideal candidate slip away, you are able to engage with them

Aside from the obvious benefit of being able to reach out to a candidate, Hiretual’s Chrome extension also provides real-time contact information. Instead of paying vendors for contact information that could be out of date, why not use a free Chrome extension that provides you with more accurate results than the rest of the industry? With Hiretual’s Chrome extension, you won’t have to worry about quality candidates slipping away. 

Boolean Builder

Boolean strings have been a staple of recruitment searches for a long time. While Hiretual believes that AI-based searches are more effective and efficient, it still wants to provide Boolean support to recruiters who want it. Hiretual helps recruiters create Boolean strings in a few different ways using its Chrome extension. Here are a few scenarios: 

1. Quick Mode

In the spirit of quickness, we want to keep this explanation as short and straightforward as possible. In this mode, you can generate Boolean strings by simply inputting a job title or area of expertise. 

2. Smart Mode

For more comprehensive Boolean strings, recruiters can use smart mode. In this mode, recruiters can input job titles, mandatory skills, related skills, related industries, and desired locations. Hiretual’s Chrome extension will create Boolean strings for you using all the information you enter. 

3. JD Mode

Instead of entering keywords manually, recruiters can simply upload the job description for a position. Hiretual’s Chrome extension will parse it for keywords that will be used to generate Boolean strings. 

Google Search Results Enhancement

Google offers incredible services and applications that all of us use daily, both professionally and personally. As our goal is to make the recruitment process easier for recruiters, we at Hiretual have accomplished this by continuing to integrate with Google’s services. Once you download Hiretual’s Chrome extension, you will have access to Google Search Results Enhancement. 

With this feature, you will be able to perform searches for candidate names on Google, and your search will be enriched with information about that candidate. For instance, if you searched Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, your search results would be enriched with information from his online profiles (in his case, LinkedIn).

Thanks to Google Search Results Enhancement, recruiters are able to view candidate profiles without having to leave Google. Additionally, they can open up those profiles in the Hiretual Chrome extension, where they have access to features like the contact finder and Boolean Builder. 

Hiretual Is Here to Help

At Hiretual, we pride ourselves on being every recruiter’s best friend. Our ultimate goal is to create products that help recruiters tackle the biggest challenges in the recruitment process, regardless of how big your team is or how complex your recruitment process is. We have a solution for everyone. We hope that this Chrome extension continues to serve as a valuable add-on for all recruiters who are constantly on the go. 

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