Recruitment Software

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checkRecruitment software  is any type of software used for recruiting by recruiters, recruiting teams, or hiring managers. Specialized software for recruiters is a relatively new phenomena, with most major new developments and customizations developed starting in the 1990’s. Recruiting software has evolved into a major industry and component of business process software and generally, business software. Recruitment software generally refers to the pre-hire aspect of recruiting, meaning that the software governs selection, interviewing, job posting, and candidate feedback. Generally speaking, recruitment software does not manage the entire employee lifecycle, although the recruiting software industry is evolving rapidly into a major component of the business enterprise.

Recruiters often count on their software to perform many of their daily functions. Regular components of recruitment software includes the ability to post jobs, input candidate resumes and applicant information, document interviews, and then finally place the candidate. Some recruitment software interfaces with other components of enterprise software, such as the post-hire performance evaluation, payroll, compliance, and other employee management systems. The recruiting software “hands off” the applicant data to these other employee management systems once the candidate has been hired at the company or placed at a client firm. It is important to note that recruitment software refers to both internal recruiting systems and the independent or “third party” recruiting firms. In the case of recruiting and staffing firms, the recruiting software usually functions as a CRM system as well as a “backend” client billing system.

More than simply documenting tasks and posting jobs, recruitment software often provides recruitment metrics as well as productivity numbers to management. Modern recruiting software often resembles a combination of a contact management system and a full blown enterprise talent management system. Most companies have now moved away from file cabinets full of resumes, and the benefits of sophisticated recruiting software systems include easier compliance with complex and changing discrimination laws and other compliance standards.