Reduce 80 Percent of Recruiter Workload With Recruiting Automation

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It’s 2021! A decade ago, many of us thought our world would be filled with flying cars, space tourists, and convenient robots by now. Instead, we have a virus outbreak and staggering workloads, and remote recruiting only makes it all harder. This is a taxing time for recruiters around the world. They’re under pressure to find superstars, facilitate virtual interviews, onboard new hires, and maintain employee loyalty without a physical environment, all while working from home.

But it’s 2021! Why are recruiters spending precious time on things a smart assistant can easily take care of? Say hello to autopilot.

Autopilot, or recruiting automation, enables recruiters to automate everyday chores like candidate screening, emailing, follow-up, and more. Recruiting automation can give recruiters back up to 80 percent of their time, allowing them to focus on more strategic action tiems.

Here are five ways in which recruiting autopilot empowers recruiters to hire efficiently in any environment, COVID or not.

1. Efficient Prescreening

Of all the stages of the recruitment process, screening consumes the most time and energy. You have to navigate piles of resumes, the expectations of hiring managers, the hopes of candidates, and the taxing demands of the business, all to identify worthy candidates. A smart applicant tracking system like Freshteam enables you to automate this time-consuming activity completely. You can set up an automation that looks for essential details and then rejects, advances, or further assesses candidates based on initial evaluations.

2. Coordinating Remote Interviews

In-person interviews require a zillion follow-ups, last-minute rescheduling, and a lot of running around. Now, you have to do all of that virtually. It can drive a person a little crazy! But imagine this: What if you had an assistant who could take care of notifying candidates and panel members about interviews, following up with them, nudging them for feedback, and all the other little things that go into the interview process? Recruiting automation can coordinate interviews for you seamlessly, even if you are dealing with hundreds of people all working from their own homes. Automated processes can keep up with every stakeholder through notifications and follow-ups and makes sure everyone is on the same page.

3. Build a Thriving Candidate Database

At the end of every hiring cycle, you always have a few exceptional candidates who didn’t land the job. Instead of simply letting them go or burying them in a spreadsheet, you can use recruiting automation to build a talent pool out of them. These are candidates you have already screened or interviewed, which means your database will be a reliable source of worthy candidates when new roles open up.

4. Driving a Remarkable Candidate Experience

Trying times reveal who we are as organizations and recruiters. It is hard to ensure a pleasant candidate experience while juggling all the added responsibilities of remote work. Simple things like communication and empathy can go a long way in keeping the candidate experience enjoyable, even during difficult times. You can automate all the basic notifications and emails, allowing you to channel your time to other communication that needs more attention and thoughtfulness. Candidates won’t feel lost in the process because the system will automatically send out notifications when a candidate is advanced, an interview is scheduled, and even when they don’t get the job. Freshteam even reminds you when responses are due.

5. Analyzing and Identifying Opportunities for Improvement

First-time users may need help identifying which parts of their processes need automation. An ATS like Freshteam offers you a powerful dashboard of reports to show you the time-consuming parts of your hiring process, the bottlenecks, the effectiveness of different sources, candidate drop-off rates, reasons why candidates reject your offers, and a lot more. These insights can help you pinpoint the places where you need to intervene for efficiency.

Recruitment automation does not take any humanity from the hiring process, as is popularly believed. Instead, it frees recruiters from mundane tasks so they can bring more heart and mind to their work. In high-volume recruiting environments, recruiting automation is key to business success.

Freshteam by Freshworks is intuitive HR software with very powerful recruitment automation options. Freshteam transforms the way recruiters work worldwide, enabling them to be highly productive and strategic in what they do. It comes with an intelligent set of applicant tracking features, allowing you to cover the entire recruiting process — from sourcing great talent to seamlessly onboarding new hires — with one system. You can check it out for free here.

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By Freshteam