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Retention Strategies for Recruiters

Employee retention strategies are the ways that companies try to keep their employees working with them in order to reduce turnover. While it may seem like recruiters only need to know about ways to get candidates hired at a company, being aware of retention strategies is very important. Recruiters should know and use the same kinds of strategies big companies use to keep employees.

How Recruiters Can Help

A recruiter’s success isn’t based just on the number of placements, but on how well those placements do in their new jobs and how long they stay with the company. In fact, recruiters may be the first line of defense against employee turnover because it’s their job to match candidates with jobs that will make them happy and keep them coming to work. The reasons why many employees leave a company are actually things that can be taken care of at hiring.

Compensation and Benefits

The main reason why employees leave their place of employment is because they aren’t satisfied with their salary or their benefits package. These are two issues that recruiters can nip in the bud before the employee even thinks about moving on. Recruiters are there when the job candidate is negotiating these things, and therefore they can help the employee get the salary and benefits that will make them happy. Recruiters also have to make sure that candidates are truly happy and not just settling for a certain salary or benefits package.

Career Advancement

Another reason many employees cite for leaving a job is a lack of opportunities for career advancement in the company. Recruiters can also help with this by making sure that a company offers tuition reimbursement or flextime scheduling for those candidates who are serious about pursuing higher education in order to advance their careers. Recruiters can also talk with managers before the candidate selection process begins to better understand how advancement works within the company.

Working Environment

Recruiters can help companies retain employees first and foremost by making sure the right candidates get into the right work environment. In addition to interviewing, recruiters should talk to the candidate about their ideal work environment or give out career surveys to applicants to make sure that the work environment will allow them to be successful. Recruiters can also work with clients and give feedback to improve the retention strategies that are already in place.

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