Revamping Brand Reputation: Why Is It Important for Every Employer?

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What does a candidate think when they hear the name of your company? That’s what brand reputation is. According to a surveymore than 67% of job seekers would not join a company if it has a bad reputation. Therefore, it is no secret that you need to work on building or repairing a brand reputation to attract top-tier talents while recruiting.

Brand reputation is one of the vital parameters to enhance business performance and drive a company’s success. The quality of the workforce solely depends on how the job seekers perceive your company. While some companies invest in recruitment solutions, some companies have in-house teams to manage PR and build a strong brand reputation. 

The former offers a cost-effective way to bypass the tremendous effort of building and maintaining a brand reputation by the experts. This blog will delve into creating a brand reputation strategy and combating any damage you may have to combat to repair your brand reputation.

Things to Consider While Building a Good Company Reputation

The first step to building a brand reputation from scratch is to formulate a suitable strategy. Keeping a few things in line to make a good brand reputation fetches the best results in the long term. Here are the three essential aspects that you need to align with your goal to achieve a positive brand reputation while formulating the strategy.

1. Marketing Optimization

Most organizations invest heftily in marketing to attract potential clients. But does that contribute to your brand reputation? Implementing marketing standards that align with the brand’s mission and building a brand reputation is essential to attract buyers and attract quality candidates while your company recruits.

A company can formulate a marketing campaign through email content or blogs to build a brand reputation. It is important to ensure marketing consistency to drive sales and high-performing candidates. Today social media plays a massive role in determining brand reputation. It has become essential for every business to market themselves on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. It is important to remember that absence of a brand reputation is equally harmful as a bad brand reputation.

2. Audience Engagement

When active job seekers apply for a job in your organization, they will research how existing or ex-employees feel about working with you and how the company reacts to any query. Interaction with the audience on different social media platforms can affect your brand reputation. Moreover, these online platforms may serve as the medium to bond with the audience.

Responding to comments on your website’s blogs can also be a great way to start interacting with your audience. Sooner or later, you need to put in marketing efforts to enhance audience engagement to build a good brand reputation. It can be in the form of an answer to their query, a simple review from your happy employees, or a super-interactive live stream on social media.

3. Review and Comment Monitoring

When you put in all your efforts but don’t reach desired results, the best way to evaluate your efforts is by going through the comments and reviews. Analyzing your audience’s response can unveil some simple issues that you would have neglected. Audience feedback serves as a light to the following action required to be taken.

The most effective formula to maintain a positive brand reputation is listening to what your audience is saying and acting accordingly. Comment and reviews disclose the audience’s expectations and your reputation strategy’s flaws that need mending to build a good brand reputation.

Building A Positive Brand Reputation

A strong brand reputation helps you attract the best talents in the market and helps you retain the top performers of your company. If you are starting to build a positive brand reputation, you must focus on these steps to optimize your positive reviews.

Build a Company Website

The company website vouches for the creditability and reliability of a company. It is essential to build a company website with a good design, responsive functionality, and easy navigation to gain the trust of any viewer visiting your website for the first time. Adding a testimonial page enables your audience to know more about your company.       

Run Email Marketing Campaigns

Email serves as a simple communication channel to the target audience. Driving a target-oriented email campaign can help improve brand reputation. Letting your target audience know about the experience of existing employees can help them decide between your company and other companies.

Harness the Power of Social Media

LinkedIn and Glassdoor reviews are where a potential candidate looks after applying for a job in your company. Encourage your employees to provide reviews on these platforms. Additionally, if people are talking about your company, it contributes to brand awareness.

Social media serves as a medium to create and establish a brand voice, essential for building a brand reputation.

Repairing A Negative Brand Reputation

When on the journey of building a positive brand reputation, you will inevitably have to deal with a negative impression at some point in time. Encountering a negative review or comment is essential as just a single negative impression can impact your brand reputation with more than 1000 good reviews. Glassdoor and LinkedIn are prominent platforms where professionals interact and provide reviews. These platforms play a significant role in building and repairing brand reputation.

A negative review or comment is undoubtedly a setback to your brand reputation. However, you must ensure efforts to repair such a negative brand reputation. Here are a few pieces of advice that will help you fix a negative brand reputation.

Keep Calm

A negative review may invoke an overaction. This is the first thing you must avoid if you want to repair your reputation. Avoid a comment that may further damage your reputation. It is essential to take a deep breath, plan the following action and then move ahead to fix the damage.

Respond Empathetically

Keeping a negative review unattended is one of the worst mistakes that may cost you tremendous business loss. Assess the review well and make sure to respond. But a mere or aggressive response may neutralize the effect but may not repair the reputation. Therefore, it is essential to understand the reviewer’s perspective and provide a response that seems friendly and not imperative.

Think of the Bigger Picture

It may take years to build a strong brand reputation. Whenever you receive a negative review or comment, you should think about fixing it instantly but also remember to assess its impact in the long term. Take control over the conversation, and it does not mean defending yourself without a plan. Respond wisely in a way that you will try to resolve the issue. Take action to resolve the issue then and there. Nothing speaks louder than action. In short, evaluate the long-term impact before reacting to negative reviews.

Final Thoughts

Brand reputation serves as an excellent measure of the health of a business. Building it from scratch or repairing the reputation requires a strategy. While the above sections give you a clear idea about the efforts to develop and improve a brand reputation, you can bypass those efforts by partnering with a reliable RPO staffing.

Raghu Nandhan is from Pragna Solutions.


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By Raghu Nandhan