ReviewSNAP Turns Data into Something You Can Picture

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newsOnce a company commits to using a new reporting system or database, you can assume it will get a lot of use.  Software with limited storage have little place in the exponential world of data.  A new product from ReviewSNAP boasts that it can “generate an unlimited number and types of reports and graphs,” ameliorating worries and frustrations of professionals.

ReviewSNAP, a division of Applied Training Systems, Inc. has announced it is adding a complete ad-hoc reporting system as part of its statistics dashboard. This enhancement, set to rollout on June 6, 2011, will provide ReviewSNAP customers the ability to generate an unlimited number and types of reports and graphs to gain a very clear understanding of their performance related data at any level within their respective organizations.

The reporting system seems to make it easy to customize the needs of individual organizations.  Workers faced with an overwhelming amount of data can use the system to winnow the information down to something more helpful.  You can choose the exact fields you want to display or depict in a graphical format.

Also, if you are the type of person who breathes a sigh of relief every time your bank automatically sends a check to your landlord on the first of every month, you might enjoy the other features that help organize your communication in a timely way.  One of the other key features includes the option of setting schedules for reports to be sent to individuals automatically on a regular basis.

“We made a decision over a year ago to make our reporting capabilities the most robust and most user-friendly in the online performance management system industry. This enhancement to our system was obviously carefully thought out and we sought feedback from our current customer base to ensure that the reporting and graphical options met their needs as well as the needs of our new customers as they begin using the system.” said Dave Arringdale, ReviewSNAP’s President.

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