PrimePay Offers Sample Employee Handbooks

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NewsPrimePay, Inc. is now providing business owners with sample employee handbooks as a template so that they can develop a detailed HR and workplace policy manual. A leading provider of payroll, tax, HR, insurance, and benefit services, PrimePay helps companies to avoid policy miscommunications in the workplace, as sometimes misunderstandings in company policies can arise regarding issues such as harassment, discrimination, and attendance.

Business owners can avoid unnecessary legal disputes by developing a comprehensive employee handbook with workplace rules and HR policies defined and supplying it to every employee. As an employee handbook is considered to be an effective communication tool between a business and an employee, it is important for companies to regularly update their employee handbooks. PrimePay’s sample employee handbook has 37 pages of samples to suit most businesses.

LeAnn Carlson, CEO of Lauren’s Hope, states, “Downloading PrimePay’s sample handbook was just the template I needed to modify and refine an older version of my employee handbook. It addressed many issues I hadn’t included in my original handbook and was easy to customize for my business.”

An employee handbook can be customized to fit a variety of companies. By utilizing PrimePay’s sample, one can build upon the template, adding its own company policies, rules, orientation and training, compensation and benefits, holidays and vacations, and procedures. State specific information can be added, as well as specific laws and regulations. Once a company has successfully completed an employee handbook template, it of course should be reviewed by an employment law professional to check for discrepancies and gaps before offering it to employees or instituting it as policy.

You may download a free copy of the Sample Employee Handbook here.

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