Spark Hire Explains How to Hire the Perfect Grad [Infographic]

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ring of peopleAccording to a new infographic from Spark Hire, approximately 1,606,000 students will graduate with bachelor’s degrees in 2014. And with the massive influx of new talent, employers will want to ensure that they find the right fit.

Why? Well, the infographic, “How to Hire the Perfect Grad,” explains that 94 percent of executives believe a distinct organizational culture is essential to workplace success. So, if your business is going to attract recent graduates, it will need to offer an appealing company culture. And to help, the infographic outlines the top company culture perks new grads look for:

  • Cultural fit (80%)
  • Flexible work hours (66%)
  • Company reflects graduate’s values (59%)
  • Potential to grow (52%)
  • Frequently rewarded for work (41%)
  • Training and professional development opportunities (35%)

The infographic also explains that a big part of “getting the right fit” when it comes to candidates is how you hire them. It lists three hiring tactics to ensure fit:

1. Video Interviews

Employers can watch 10 one-way video interviews in the time it takes to conduct one phone screen. Spark Hire advises companies to ask behavioral questions during video interviews in order to evaluate personality, career passion and cultural fit.

2. Social Media

Ninety-four percent of staffing pros are using social media to communicate with candidates. Spark Hire suggests reviewing social profiles for insight into a candidate’s personality, interests and potential company culture fit.

3. Employee Referrals

Employee referrals are not only the no.1 source of hire for external applicants, but 45 percent of referred employees still work at a company two years later. Spark Hire says employers should encourage their employees to refer great people in their networks who will fit into the corporate culture.

Hire Perfect Grad Infographic

By Shala Marks