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checkWhen agency recruiters from two different firms partner on a job requirement, they call it “doing splits” or doing a “split placement.” Recruiter splits are a common way that recruitment agencies bolster their profits, especially during slow times or if they have recently filled all of their own job requirements.

Recruiters should enter into split placements with another recruiter carefully, as the recruiter must share client and candidate information with a potentially competing recruitment firm. Considerations must be made about the split partnership, relationship with the client, contractual obligations, and tenure of the other recruiter’s experience. If there is not a trust relationship between the two recruiting firms, it can be very dangerous to share proprietary information. Attention should be paid to ensuring detailed and fully executed contracts from both sides of the split deal.

Recruiter Software for Splits and Split Networks

Some software for recruiters now integrates recruiting splits functionality. Some of the popular recruiting software programs have an option for split placement sharing built natively into the application. However, most splits technology is either built into, or resides on top of, recruiter networks that specialize in recruiting partnerships. Some of these split placement recruiter networks include:

  1. Top Echelon
  2. Recruiters Junction
  3. FeeTrader
  4. BountyJobs
  5. Talent Trader
  6. HireSyndicate
  7. EliteSplits
  8. Pinnacle Society
  9. RecruitersConnection
  10. RecruitersAlliance

Splits can be a great way for recruiters to make more placements. However, be sure that whatever system or network you use advocates clear terms and trusting, long-term recruiter relationships.

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