Staffingbook Offers Recruiters Job Posting and Split Placements

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staffing bookWeb based company Staffingbook, specializing in connecting employers with talent, has announced that employers now have access to its free job posting tool. Recruiters from different companies may also choose to split recruiting fees when a recruiter refers a candidate and the other works with the employer to lead in to a job offer. With Staffingbook, employers have the opportunity to quickly find recruiters who then submit to them their best candidate for a given position. Employers also have control over how widely their requirements are shared and receive only one candidate at a time for consideration; as opposed to sifting through dozens or hundreds of applications.

Steve Harari, CEO of Staffingbook comments, “Every employer wants to avoid paying placement fees and yet frequently it makes good business sense to work with an agency recruiter who can save you money by sourcing and screening candidates and getting you the best hire quickly.”

From the recruiter standpoint, contract technical recruiter Jan Conti said, “With Staffingbook, you control the process and you decide who to work with based upon the quality of the candidates they submit. Unlike other offerings, the best staffing firm recruiters will work with you because Staffingbook isn’t taking a percentage of the placement fee.”

Using a software-as-a-service platform, Staffingbook is an open marketplace that directly connects recruiters with employers and offers free user accounts to employers, job candidates, and recruiters on its website

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