Sun Brings Together Real Estate Brokers and Scientists

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news“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining,” said former President John F. Kennedy.  Similarly, while there are still some fossil fuels left, it might be the right time to really develop our country’s access to renewable energy.

Recruiters can expect a growing need for more workers in the solar power industry as well as in other industries devoted to alternative energy.  Recent statistics have revealed what the demands are for workers, specifically within the generation of solar power.

The solar power industry employs a wide range of occupations in a number of major industry segments: research and development, manufacturing of solar power materials, construction and operation of solar power plants, and solar power installation and maintenance.

Scientists continue to comprise a large percentage of the people making solar power happen.  Physicists (median annual wage of $106,370) work in research and development along with chemists, materials scientists, and engineers to improve the efficiency of solar panels. Chemists work on developing new materials for making solar cells and improving solar cell design.

Other workers who are instrumental in developing solar power are real estate brokers (median annual wage of $54,910).  They must have specialized knowledge of property specifications for solar power plants and the regulations in place for obtaining the property on which the plants are built.  Real estate brokers must also consult with atmospheric scientists who evaluate if a particular setting has the right atmosphere and weather to make solar power a viable resource.

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