Talent Management Releases PerformancePAM Enhanced Goals

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NewsLeading the way in talent and performance management systems, PerformancePAM has recently launched its newest 7.5 version, which will provide users with advanced goal management, appointment setting, employee journals, budget entry screen, and visual analytics.

PerformancePAM encourages employee development and allows for improved performance in the workplace. According to Elizabeth Berlin, Director of Business Development, “we have introduced new functionality that places new employee management tools at a manager’s disposal. She adds, “Greater flexibility with goal setting gives companies the ability to have employees at all levels actively contribute to the highest company ideals.”

With emphasis on employee and company growth, companies can set goals at the organizational level with the advanced goal management tool and distribute the goals to various levels and employees within the company. Opportunities to review employee progress with performance related appointments and save in vCal format in calendars such as Outlook are possible as well.

PerformancePAM works with any human resource or payroll software, is easy to deploy, and allows for easy employee performance appraisal. Graphical representations of employees’ appraisals and competency scores are displayed through visual analytics.

To learn more about PerformancePAM or to view an online demo or request a free trial, please visit http://www.performancepam.com.

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