Tap Into Your Character Strengths at Work [Infographic]

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Power LineWe all have our own strengths and weaknesses. We know that — by why stop there?

According to a new infographic from Happify, just knowing our strengths isn’t quite enough. What we need to do is use those strengths, in our personal lives and at work.

“Tapping into our strengths helps us make progress on our goals, boosting our feelings of independence and confidence,” says the infographic.

Developing our strengths is good for our health, good for our moods, and good for our careers : according to the infographic, 81 percent of “people who’ve had strengths-based career counseling are employed,” whereas only 60 percent of “people who’ve had conventional career counseling” are.

To learn more about using your strengths on the job, check out the full infographic below or visit Happify’s website.

Happify Strengths

By Matthew Kosinski