The Future Of Recruiting Is AI-powered Assessments! But Don’t Sweat It

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Did you know that the more steps the hiring process includes, the less motivation the candidate has to take a position at the end of this path? However, another question appears: how can you be sure that you hire the best candidates after just one or two interviews? The answer is AI-powered hiring assessments.

In this article, we want to show you how you can improve your hiring process and ensure you hire rockstar candidates without many interviews.  

How Are Hiring Assessments Being Used in Recruiting?

You might be thinking: assessments sound like a lot of work, and I have to do my actual job. I will not invest the time and effort it would take to implement AI-based recruiting assessments in my workflow. Plus, will any service that isn’t a human be able to assess candidates successfully?

You can stop worrying about how much time you will have to put into hiring assessments. They’re straightforward for any talent acquisition team to use, with little effort required on your part once it is set up. And as far as whether or not the system can effectively assess candidates—it turns out that in many cases, machines are better at evaluating candidates than humans are.

What Are the Benefits of Using Hiring Assessments?

With the hiring market increasingly becoming candidate-driven, it’s an exciting time to be in the recruiting industry. And even though AI-powered hiring assessments may sound like a scary future of automation and robots taking over, they make our jobs easier. Here are just some of the benefits they offer :

  • They’re cost-effective. Most hiring assessment services are available as part of a monthly subscription and can integrate with your ATS. That means you’ll save precious time on administrative tasks and have more opportunities to interact with professional candidates interested in your position!
  • They help recruiters find high-quality candidates faster while also filtering out unqualified applicants or those who may not be a good fit for your company’s culture. This makes your job much easier—and less stressful!
  • Because these services use machine learning algorithms that learn from data provided by previous users, they can help create diversity in hiring practices without bias towards race, gender, identity, etc.

Why Should We Believe It Won’t Take Over Recruiting Jobs?

The idea of replacing human recruiters with AI seems likely to replace all our friends with robots. However, while we’re not ready to relinquish our friendships to machines just yet, we do believe there is a place for AI in the hiring process. While AI can’t read body language or consider an applicant’s positive intentions, there are some things it might be able to do better than humans.

For example, by removing bias from the equation and offering data-driven insights into who would make a good fit for a specific position at a particular company, AI could provide an objective view – one that wouldn’t let candidates slip through the cracks because they didn’t have the “right look” or because there was simply something about them that recruiters couldn’t quite put their finger on.

The Future of Recruiting Is Assessment Services

When it comes to the future of recruiting, one thing is sure: assessments are here to stay. All signs indicate they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

The use of assessments in hiring has continued to multiply. Many organizations have realized the significant impact that assessment services can have on the effectiveness of their hiring process.

As Soraya Cardenas, Ph. D. in Sociology Department at Cascadia College, mentions in her study , “Companies appear to be addressing three significant areas: knowledge of discipline, problem-solving and personality attributes. Though these three characteristics are important considerations when hiring, studies have demonstrated that attributes associated with cognitive functions appear to be one of the highest predictors of employee success, specifically critical thinking and problem-solving.” And all of these can be tested by an assessment service. 

The benefits are undeniable: among other things, assessment services help you identify candidates who are most likely to succeed, reduce unconscious bias in your hiring decisions and make it easier for you to focus on your top talent by automating many time-consuming tasks involved in sourcing, interviewing and onboarding.

Assessments have become an integral part of recruitment at some of the world’s most innovative companies, such as Amazon, Google, SpaceX, and others. It’s no secret why they’ve been so successful with these companies: they provide data-driven insights into candidates’ strengths & weaknesses that would otherwise be difficult or even impossible to obtain by other means (such as interviews). They also help hiring managers make better decisions about who should be hired based on complex employment data rather than subjective factors such as a candidate’s appearance or demeanor during an interview.

Coping With Hiring Assessments Is Easy

The future of recruitment is here and has been tailored to your specific needs. If you want to give applicants their best career development opportunity and evaluate candidates better, you should consider using hiring assessments. 

Feel overwhelmed? Take time to figure out how recruiting assessments can help you, and then you’ll be able to manage your hiring process like never before. 

And remember: AI-powered hiring assessments aren’t here to outpace humans ; they’re here to work with them!


Alexandra Bakhmut is a marketing manager at Wild Noodle.


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By Alexandra Bakhmut