The Insider’s Guide to Passive Candidates

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Did you know that passive candidates – those who are currently employed but open to hearing from recruiters – account for nearly 85 percent of the global workforce? Or that, for many recruiters, this group is the “Holy Grail” or candidates?

Recruitment specialists Armstrong Appointments  recently released an infographic  that shares some interesting facts and figures about these highly sought-after candidates, including insights like:

– More than 50 percent of the hires made by U.K.-based companies every year are hires of passive candidates.

– Passive candidates are more likely to be open to changing their jobs after they have been with a company for 2-3 years.

– About 45 percent of these candidates are content in their roles but open to hearing from recruiters.

Want to know more about passive candidates and the best ways to attract them? Check out the full infographic right here:



Tobias Dean is an accounts manager at U.K. digital agency Addpeople and Armstrong Appointments.

By Tobias Dean