The Quantum Reality Approach to Job Searching: Using ’the Field’ to Land the Right Offer

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A recruiting manager has narrowed the selection process to two individuals with equal expertise: One is a pleasant person who is professional but whose authentic energy and enthusiasm are low, and the second individual has high energy and is clearly enthused about the prospect of working for the growing company and contributing to the success of the manager.

Which person do you think the manager will hire? The answer is, of course, the second individual.

But what if you have become disheartened from the job search process? What if several good opportunities have slipped through your fingers, leading to persistent self-doubt? In such a state, how do you become an enthused and high-energy candidate, as exemplified above? The answer is to proactively engage “the Field.”

The Field’s Structure

The Field — which is also referred to as “quantum reality”  — is a matrix of electromagnetic waves that permeate everything.

“So what?” you may ask.

Consider the following reality, proven via scientific experiments and measurable observations:

  1. At the base of all physical matter are tiny electromagnetic energy waves.
  2. As two electromagnetic waves intersect, they exchange data.
  3. Communication in the Field is instantaneous.

This reality means that all living and innate matter in our world is connected every single instant. Now, how does this apply to a job seeker?

Using the Field

Okay, so how does one use this massive web of connection to land not just any job, but the right job?

Think about the basic formula that underpins all success in the workplace. To achieve a high performance rating, you need to understand how your boss thinks, what their expectations are, and what their goals are. Once you understand these things, you can design an effective performance plan that reflects them.

It is the same with the Field: Understand what is important to the Field, and then you can proactively engage the Field to aid in successfully landing a job.

Priority No. 1 for the Field? Expansion. Everything in the universe has a drive to expand — humans, animals, plants, bacteria, even the universe itself. At the individual level, the human feeling of “excitement” is most closely aligned with expansion. Why? The Field is connected to all things, so it is aware of your strengths and how those strengths can best help it expand. Thus, when you are focused on an activity that you enjoy — an activity to which you look forward, an activity that excites you — the Field gives you a clue you are on the right track via that very feeling of excitement.

Shift Your Starting Point

Rather than slogging through rote job-search activities and applying to many positions, shift your focus to job-search activities that you enjoy and a smaller number of positions, specifically roles at companies that you find exciting.

For example, perhaps your daily goal has been to reach out to 10 new people and complete three applications, but you’ve been falling well short of those goals. Instead, you have been getting distracted by exploring the sustainability initiatives of leading-edge green companies. In that case, you should shift gears and make exploring companies with new or innovative sustainability missions your primary focus. Take a few days to do your research, and then reach out to 3-5 contacts at two of those companies (thoroughly completing the relevant job applications, of course). Time will fly by, you’ll be happier at the end of the day, and your friends and family will comment on your change in attitude.

Others Will Notice

Know who else will notice the change in your energy? Recruiters, potential employers, and, yes, the Field. The Field will know that you’re focusing on activities you’re excited about, and this means you’re working on an area in which you’ll be especially productive. This will not only lead to your ultimate success, but it will also lead to the expansion of the Field. This is the Field’s primary goal, which is why it will help you succeed.

Do you see the beauty of this self-feeding loop? The more you focus on the activities that excite you, the louder your signal in the Field and the more opportunities the Field sets before you, spurring new growth, greater expansion, and the melting away of self-doubts. Eventually, it all results in the enthused candidate who wins the right job offer. So take the first step, and make today an expansive one.

John Jay McKey is an accomplished data analytics expert and successful business leader. His new book is Leverage the Field for Success – Using Quantum Reality to Succeed in the Corporate World.

By John Jay McKey