The Riverside Company Adds Avatar and HR Solutions

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NewsThe Riverside Company, global private equity firm, has added to its portfolio recently by acquiring Avatar International and HR Solutions. Avatar is leading the way in improving services in the healthcare industry and offering solutions for excellent patient care. HR Solutions is a company that specializes in employee and physician engagement, but also caters to industries such as hospitality, manufacturing and retail.

Riverside has surveyed the HR field, measuring customers’ performance in various areas of expertise. The surveys are administered via email or other web based avenues. The data from the surveys act as a guide for solutions for better health care and employee engagement. The addition of Avatar and HR Solutions causes Riverside to be much more competitive.

According to Riverside Principal, Sarah Roth, “This allows Avatar to build its employee engagement service offering, a valuable complement to Avatar’s existing patient experience business. We’re very excited because this acquisition will help Avatar develop solutions for customers that reflect its fundamental belief that engaged employees are a necessary component of delivering great patient care. We’re developing that capability with an excellent company in HR Solutions. Their customers, AHA endorsement, database, tools, and talent all make Avatar a stronger and more effective company.”

Avatar’s plans include continued research on the correlation between a patient’s experience and employee engagement, as the data may help the quality of healthcare. For more information on The Riverside Company, visit

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