The Role of the Recruiter During the Global Crisis

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Now we are witnessing a serious global crisis. A crisis that has gone beyond political sanctions and strained relations between states. This is a crisis where people far from politics and military conflicts are involved. It is referred to as interpersonal communication, readiness to accept and understand another person’s view, attitude toward certain people and even nations. 

A recruiter is someone who helps companies find suitable specialists based on their skills and abilities. Still, in the stories we’re observing now, checking the candidate’s skills and interview conduction are not all the recruiter’s tasks. Now the recruiter’s role has become a bit wider. For instance, recruiters help candidates with relocation, assist companies in onboarding their new employees, and search for the best hubs worldwide where specialists can work without stress and anxiety. 

The founder of an international IT recruitment company, Tatiana Melnichuk, talks about what tasks a recruiter should take on under the current circumstances and gives some advice on how to mend their ways when the traditional world has changed a lot.

New Tasks of a Recruiter During a Changed Political Situation

In conditions of instability and economic insecurity, recruiters take on some HR specialists’ tasks and expand their roles in collaboration with companies.

So, for example, now many recruiters are focusing more on candidates’ needs, fully helping specialists find jobs. This includes assistance in compiling a CV, the willingness to consider a more significant number of portfolios, an extended commentary on each candidate, and relocation assistance.

Relocation assistance is critical when a recruiter processes and supports candidates from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia, as people from these countries have faced severe difficulties. 

For example, together with a British IT company, our agency is currently distributing the “hot” specialists database already ready for relocation among our clients and community. We understand that this will help more specialists find a job and move to a more stable country. We have never practiced this before, but the circumstances have changed. That is why we do our best to help as many people as possible in such conditions. 

Onboarding specialists and helping with the collection of relocation documents can also be included in the recruiter’s area of ​​responsibility. Our main aim now is to help as many specialists and companies find each other in such hard times. 

It turns out that a recruiter is a person who acts as an intermediary between the employer and the candidate, lends countenance to the parties, and helps to enhance the quality of life of specialists and business leaders. 

Now, recruiters are more indispensable than ever, acting as guides in such an essential part of human life as work.

A Few Tips for Recruiters in the New Reality

How to Communicate With Candidates?

First, you should remain neutral. Many people are used to the fact that it doesn’t matter what gender or age a person is, and they seem to be used to the fact that nationality, race, and skin color are of no importance either. 

The tech sphere has always been a sphere where they look only at a person’s skills, and now, looking at how many people judge by nationality, we are sick at our hearts as everything changes and not for the better. 

Please remember that a person cannot choose a nationality and native language. Their personal views can hardly be understood from one interview or a photo in their passport. That is why it’s better to look primarily at the skills of a specialist, their professional and personal qualities, and not pay attention to what is written in their passport. 

Modern society does not share the view that some nation is worse or better than another, it is essential who a specific person is, and now it is worth showing this view more than ever. 

How to Respond to Aggression?

According to our experience, the risk of facing aggression from the candidate is exceptionally high. Almost everything can provoke it. Bear in mind that a recruiter also plays the role of a psychologist, so it is essential to try to remain neutral and help the person set their mind at rest. Entering into debates and proving your position will most likely lead nowhere.

How Not to Lose Heart?

Try to keep in mind that your work now is analogous to the work of doctors as you help people keep receiving their salaries and a decent standard of living, helping them relocate from unsafe regions to a more stable ones. Now your work is sought-for and highly demanded.

Look for something pleasant around you, and try not to shrink from your usual rhythm of life. The routine, which once seemed dull to many of us, now helps a lot.

The Future of Recruiting

It turns out that a recruiter is an essential profession. Now it is more noticeable than ever in the employment market. A recruiter helps with hiring and provides emotional and physical support to people. 

The main thing now is to continue to do your job, no matter what, thereby helping yourself, your loved ones, and many other people around you to maintain stability.


Tatiana Melnichuk is the founder and head of Lucky Hunter


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By Tatiana Melnichuk