The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Reports Six-Month Job Hunts for Majority of Workers

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newsData collected by the BLS find that as of February 3, 2012 indicate that long-term job searches still lead the category. The survey found that, in January, over 19 percent of job hunters were hired within five weeks of beginning their search. Of the remaining job seekers, over 22 percent found work within a period of 5 to 14 weeks, over 15 percent took between 15 and 26 weeks, nearly 43 percent took at least 27 weeks to find work.

A job-search coach may help to shorten the duration of unemployment in a variety of ways. For starters, working with a coach allows job seekers to hone in on job attributes that are most important to them and that fits best with a particular personality type. Next, a professional job coach can help construct a focused resume that articulates skills, experience, and other applicant attributes that are most relevant to a given company or industry.

A good job coach can provide job seekers with custom networking strategies and marketing blueprints that forms daily, weekly, and monthly routines to create a structured employment search process. Finally, a job coach can help job seekers fine tune their negotiating and interviewing skills through mock interviews and negotiation sessions including more complex or less common questions and various negotiating scenarios. A job coach primarily works to increase the efficiency of a job search through creating precision search strategies and increasing awareness of the interview process.

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