The Ultimate Guide on Recruiting Crypto Professionals

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Indeed found that in 2021, cryptocurrency job listings jumped up by 118% . With many more people investing in cryptocurrency and becoming interested in it, there will continue to be more and more listings in the future.

You can help your business by learning how to recruit crypto professionals now. However, since this is such a new field, many recruiters aren’t sure how they should do this.

Keep reading to discover a few recruiting solutions and strategies that will help you find the best crypto talent out there.

Prepare for More Churn

One of the first things that recruiters and employers should keep in mind is that there could be more churn in the crypto job market compared to others. This space is changing so rapidly because the field is changing quickly, and companies are willing to pay for top talent.

Your teams will have so many new opportunities popping up at other companies, and you probably won’t be able to hang onto your employees for very long.

However, to help alleviate this problem, you should make sure that you’re offering a competitive salary from the beginning. When employees feel like they’re paid well, they might be less likely to seek out other crypto opportunities that might arise.

Decide What Type of Employee You Need

Next, you’ll need to figure out what type of crypto employee you will be hiring in the job market. One mistake that many recruiters make is that they don’t have a lot of knowledge in the crypto space, so they’re not sure what the different roles are.

Think about what type of crypto project you need to complete and what needs to be done on it. If you need to develop blockchain, you should look for a blockchain developer. If you need someone to manage the project, you should start an executive search and look for a blockchain project manager.

You should also consider other options before posting job descriptions, like what’s the size of your blockchain and what requirements does it have? Do you have the resources to hire many developers, or would you benefit more from hiring freelancers?

What type of development do you need? If you want to develop an app, this role will be very different and probably won’t require you to hire a full-stack blockchain developer.

Know What Tech Skills to Look For

Once you decide which role you want to recruit for, you’ll have to figure out what skills you want to look for. As a recruiter, brush up on these terms and abilities so that you can assess them in the applicant’s resume and interview.

If a crypto professional realizes that you don’t know what you’re talking about, they’re less likely to take the job. At a minimum, a crypto developer or employee should have the following skills:

Programming Languages

Your ideal candidate should have a basic knowledge of programming languages, like:

  • Java
  • C
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Solidity
  • Node.Js
  • Go
  • C++

These languages will help the employee understand the data and learn how to process and manipulate it.

This will be even better if you find a qualified candidate with experience with Object-Oriented Programming Structure (OOPS). When people know how to use this program, they can update programs whenever needed.

The applicant should also understand different languages and know how to use them when working with other apps. If you want to ensure that they have experience in this area, you can include a software or coding test in your interview process.


Most applicants will need to have a basic understanding of the foundation of cryptocurrency. When they understand cryptography, they’ll understand how all cryptocurrency is developed. The key for cryptography is public, and it’s responsible for identifying and authenticating any transaction on it.

Smart Contracts

Every cryptocurrency uses a smart contract, but other industries can also use these to their advantage. People can use these contracts in construction, law, real estate, etc. Because of how often they’re used, your applicant must have a general understanding of them.

The smart contract acts as the mode to exchange information without needing a third party. This is also where those programming languages come in handy because people can use them for creating these smart contracts.

Blockchain Architecture

Even if you’re not going to be building new blockchains, it’s essential to understand how the architecture works. There are three main types of architecture in blockchain technology:

  • Private architecture
  • Public architecture
  • Consortium architecture

You can research these and then make sure you ask about them during the interview process. If the applicant can answer your questions or understand how it operates, you’ll know you’re talking with a qualified applicant.

Meet Crypto Professionals Where They Are

It can be challenging to know where to recruit crypto professionals, but you can start by checking out social media. You might have some luck on LinkedIn, but you’ll likely have more success when finding niche job boards designed for crypto professionals.

71%  of finance or accounting professionals said they had found their job by looking on a specialized job board. Crypto is no different. has a niche job board that is designed specifically for crypto professionals. You can post your jobs here and attract top talent quickly.

Since it’s such a new profession, you may also benefit from using AI sourcing software to find candidates who would have the skills needed to do the job.’s software looks for specific skills, and candidates it thinks might be a good fit.

This software will find a list of candidates who would be ideal for your crypto openings through machine learning and pattern recognition.

Speed Up Your Recruitment Process

Because of how hot the market is, companies need to have an efficient recruiting process, or top talent may disappear from the market before you can snag them.

There is more of a demand for qualified candidates than there are candidates to fill them. It would be best if you acted quickly, and you shouldn’t have more than three rounds of interviews. Try and make them as efficient as possible to show them that you’re ready to hire them.

A company might be worried that speeding up their recruitment process will mean hiring someone who isn’t a good fit, but most professionals only have a few years of experience anyway. Since this is still a new field, most professionals are still learning themselves.

When in doubt, it’s better to hire someone who may not be a good fit than missing out on all of the talent in the pool.

Start Recruiting Crypto Professionals Today

Recruiting crypto professionals can be difficult if you don’t have any experience with the crypto technology or blockchain industry.

This is where having a specialized recruiter can come in handy. If your internal recruiters don’t have the necessary knowledge to recruit in cryptocurrency, is here to help. We have an extensive network of specialized recruiters along with a powerful AI sourcing platform to find the best candidates for you.

If you’re interested in either of these solutions or want to learn more, contact us today ! We’d be happy to help your team find the perfect crypto candidate for you.


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By Alyssa Harmon