Thinking About Quitting? Ask Yourself These 10 Questions First

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Little girl with big glasses thinkingWhile the economy is still suffering, many workers are doing more than their job merits, creating low morale. If you’re reading this you’re probably part of that population. While you may have survived the layoffs, you’re working twice as hard for the same pay. If you’re burned out working in your current position you may be thinking about quitting. You must weigh this option carefully before you do.

Ask yourself these 10 questions first:

1.) What Specifically Annoys You About Your Job?
Determine the exact issue with your job. Is it the people you work with? Is it the environment? Your boss? Your workload? Maybe it is the work itself? Once you have pinpointed your problem you might be able to fix it without quitting. However, if you have determined you’re in the wrong business you will need to make a plan to change careers.

2.) Is Your Current Work Setting Insufferable?

Be honest about how bad your situation is. Are you suffering abuse (verbal, sexual, physical) at your current position? Are you being mistreated (not allowed to take breaks when you’re supposed to, working overtime without pay, etc.) in any way? If so, make an appointment with HR and/or leave immediately. If it’s something minor stick it out with a plan to leave as soon as you have a new job in place.

3.) Have You Done Everything Possible to Work it Out?

If you’re situation is manageable think about how you can work it out. What steps will you have to take to be happy with your job ? Maybe you need to change your schedule, clear a task from your workload, take on a positive attitude, or more effectively manage your time. Perhaps a meeting with your employer is in order. Sometimes, all you have to do is ask for what you need.

4.) What do You Want?

It’s unfortunate how many people never get asked this question, or never ponder it. What do you want for your work life? Define your career priorities. What do you want and how badly do you want it?

5.) Do You Have a Realistic Plan for Your Next Job?

Many people quit their jobs with no plan or thought, and then simply assume they can land their dream job. You have to be realistic about your goals. Do go for your dreams, but do it right. Make a plan. Think about your skills, experience, education. Do you need to take more classes? Earn a new degree? Develop new skills? You might have to take some classes or volunteer to gain extra experience and skills to be able to quit and go for your dream job.

6.) Do You Have Enough Money Saved?

If you’re going to quit your job you may be job searching for up to a year or more. If you don’t have a job lined up already you are going to need some savings to get you by until you land a job. Experts say you should have nine to 12 months of savings set aside so you can pay your bills while seeking a new position.

7.) Are You Willing to Give up Your Benefits?

If you quit you will lose your health insurance, retirement contributions, and other benefits. Find out how much it would cost to buy health insurance on your own. Plus, without your income you won’t be able to contribute to your retirement fund, college fund, or any other savings you have. Research this and really think it through.

8.) How Will You Cut Expenses?

While you are in between jobs how will you earn some extra money and reduce your expenses? Create a detailed budget of your monthly income and expenses. Are your expenses more than your income? Are there any expenses you can cut such as cable TV, dining out, your cell bill, etc.? Will you be able to find some work in between jobs to keep an income coming in?

9.) Do You Have a Support System?

Are your friends and family going to support your decision? Quitting your job will affect those around you, especially your kids and spouse. Talk to these people about your plans before you quit and participate in cost-cutting.

10.) Is This The Right Time?

Are you in the middle of a big project or is it really busy at work? Honor your commitments before you quit. Don’t leave your team and employer in a bind. Also, if you’re going to get a holiday bonus, wait until the holiday is over.

By Gerald Buck