TimeMD Partnerships Lead to GPS-based Time Tracking Options

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newsTimeMD, provider of web-based time and labor tracking solutions, has announced a newly available GPS-based time-tracking solution distributed through partnerships with the Professional Employer Organization and other payroll companies. With the app, clients gain the ability to pinpoint a precise location and time a time punch was performed. Of particular interest to organizations with a distributed workforce, on-site service personnel, contractors, and home care workers, the software utilizes modern GPS-enabled mobile devices to easily verify the location and work status on any connected employee.

Erik Rowland, President of TimeMD.com, fervently believes in the need for an inexpensive tracking solution in today’s workplace and states that, “With today’s economy, managing labor is critical to a company’s bottom line. Verifying the location of your distributed labor force is absolutely essential to maintaining profitability. With a distributed labor force, it becomes almost impossible especially if no one is on site to confirm they’re actually on the job.”

Spurring the development of the tracking solution is data indicating that over one-third of American adults use a smartphone with standard GPS tracking capabilities. The app formats its tracking data so that it is integrable with most payroll processing software packages. One caveat on data collection however, is that employees must first authorize the use of the location function before the data is reported.

Commenting on the ubiquity of smartphone use and its benefit to data tracking, Rowland said, “With such a huge adoption of smart phones by the American work force, there is no need to purchase or distribute dedicated GPS tracking hardware. It’s already in the marketplace,” says Rowland. “It was an easy decision for us to develop methods to extract GPS data from these devices when employees access our time tracking software.”

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