Top 6 Benefits of Working with a Specialist Recruitment Agency

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Recruiting new employees can be costly and time-consuming, with no guarantee that you’ll find the right individual for the role.

Suppose you are an employer or a hiring manager looking to fill open positions at your company. In that case, you may be confused about finding recruits on your own and managing the entire recruitment process or working with a staffing agency specializing in the same. 

Both these methods of hiring come with their own set of challenges. Keep reading to learn all you need to know about these special agencies.

Talent Acquisition Challenges in a Post-pandemic World

Talent acquisition managers face unique challenges, mainly because of the coronavirus pandemic. With lower recruiting levels and the requirement to deliver a more dynamic and resilient workforce, the job of recruiters and talent acquisition professionals looks much different than it did in 2019. 

In May 2020, McKinsey surveyed over 190 functional leaders and chief officers across different industries, such as banking and manufacturing, to determine how they planned spending allocation in the next few months. Of those officers and leaders, 67% percent said they anticipated spending much less on permanent hiring in the coming 12 months. 

Also, the pandemic challenged companies worldwide to continue to deliver meaningful candidate and employee touchpoints despite shrinking human resource teams.

Talent acquisition looks much different now with new challenges, such as process changes and reduced internal recruiting capability. Hiring employees for essential roles, such as serving customers and caring for patients, can be tricky. Some employees are hesitant to be physically present because of concerns about contracting the coronavirus.

However, to help you with your talent search, it is beneficial to work with the largest staffing agencies with a proven track record. Agencies will furnish custom recruitment solutions to match you with job candidates that are the right fit for your business. 

What Is a Specialist Recruitment Agency? 

A specialist recruitment agency or firm operates solely in one specific industry, such as tech, energy, or power. On the other hand, many generalist agencies have no particular specialism and recruit for many job opportunities.

Specialist or niche recruiting agencies are different from generalists as they usually focus on a specific industry sector, skill set, or location. For instance, a specialist recruitment agency can provide its clients with software system professionals for their Oracle, SAP, and IT job roles.

Benefits of Partnering with a Specialist Recruitment Agency

Many employers and executive human resources leaders sometimes ask why they should work with a specialist recruitment agency instead of a generalist agency that can potentially draw from a much larger pool of high-quality candidates. The main benefits are industry expertise and knowledge.

Keep in mind that the last thing many employers want is wading through applications from several candidates who are not even qualified for the vacant role.

1. Candidate Network 

A specialist recruitment firm will have access to the best tech or marketing candidates in the market through the most relevant job boards. For example, using a specialist marketing recruitment agency will give you simple access to the industry’s highest number and top-quality job applicants. 

Specialist recruitment agencies have a comprehensive database of active candidates. Also, they can contact highly skilled and talented marketing professionals who aren’t openly seeking a new role but might be open to a job opportunity if it is an ideal fit for their skills. 

A specialist recruitment agency will advertise your job role on the most suitable and relevant marketing job boards. It will help you promote your vacancy through social media platforms, with an excellent understanding of how to rank the job role high in search results online.

2. Industry Knowledge

Understanding specific industries, such as engineering, is essential in identifying the right candidates. For example, engineering recruitment agencies will know your industry inside out. This is because their day-to-day duties exclusively revolve around the engineering job market. 

A specialist recruiter’s in-depth understanding and insight of the market means hiring managers and talent acquisition professionals can get straight to the point when discussing the duties and responsibilities of the role and person specification.

It pays to use a specialist recruitment agency that understands the specific functions and duties of that role, the terminology, and the technology that separates an average candidate from the best one. For example, engineering or tech recruiters will use their expertise and knowledge to offer recommendations and advice. 

Speaking with candidates and clients means that specialist recruitment agencies can provide valuable industry insights, knowledge, and advice.

3. Saves Time

If you are looking to fill jobs quickly, a specialist recruitment agency can hit the ground running straight away, leveraging their extensive network of software developers or engineers. You can save time and lower the risk of hiring the wrong person with a specialist recruiter.

Keep in mind that it can be challenging to understand what digital roles require. And plenty of job applications and lack of knowledge about the job are deadly combinations that may lead to hiring the wrong individual. 

A niche or specialist recruiter with experience and expertise in the field will help address the issue and save you time. Also, screening means better quality candidates – specialist recruiting firms source candidates from different channels or media and screen them to get the perfect fit for the job.

And what’s even better is that you will only receive job applicants that have already been through a rigorous pre-screening process and fit all the job specifications you require. This helps cut plenty of valuable time, and you can hire the best candidates efficiently and quickly.

4. Tap Into Their Expertise

Employers usually rely on recruitment firms to recruit for job roles they have little expertise in, like digital communication roles. And without the necessary experience and knowledge of the industry, recruiting the most suitable candidate for the position is challenging and tricky. Specialist recruiters have a background in the specific areas they are recruiting for and can benefit you considerably.

For SMEs and large organizations, especially those in technology, life sciences, and knowledge economy businesses where competition is intense for highly skilled talent, developing a relationship with a specialist recruiter streamlines the entire process of identifying, screening, and choosing suitable candidates. 

5. Reach Further 

Finding the best person for a job may sometimes be frustrating as a talent acquisition manager. However, your HR department should not restrict its search to just one location or region because qualified and experienced job-seekers exist everywhere. 

And this is easier said than done. Specialist recruitment firms have a better chance of knowing the best candidates, connecting with them effectively, and finding the best ways to incentivize them to make a move. 

When you work with a specialist recruiter, you know that finding the best professionals to match the ideal job roles is where their focus and passion lie. And these agencies maximize not only the number but also the quality of candidates to give you the best results. 

Specialist recruitment agencies do this by supercharging the entire hiring process, from writing the most engaging and compelling job adverts to conducting effective interviews to filter candidates better. 

These agencies have a much better chance of drawing in more experienced and high-quality talent with their more extensive reach. 

6. Help With Hard-to-Fill Roles

Across the biotechnology or life sciences industries, HR teams have to fill roles with particular requirements. They also have a tiny talent pool from which to recruit. Using a specialist recruiter can be a great idea in today’s highly-competitive job market, where the best talent can be off the market in just ten days 

So, roles with essential skills that are rare in the market are best filled with a specialist recruitment agency.

They can quickly source talent with these unique skills and proficiencies from the comprehensive databases and relationships developed for exceptional headhunting professionals. Also, specialist recruitment agencies can quickly sift through and reject unsuitable job applications that don’t fit these essential requirements, saving time and money.

Why Using a Staffing Agency Makes Sense

If you feel like you are losing the battle for talent, you are not alone. Hiring has never been more complex, and the stakes are pretty high. In a study by CareerBuilder,75% of employers in the US stated they had been impacted by a bad hire, with more than 25% saying a single bad hire cost them over $50,000. 

Now add that to various indirect costs –lost opportunities, project delays, and plummeting employee morale – and you can see the rationale and significance for hiring well. Keep in mind that it starts with interviewing and optimizing your hiring process as you go forward. 

Unlike standard recruitment firms that work across various industries and sectors, niche recruiters have several years of combined industry experience and expertise in their specialist fields. When you rely on a specialist recruiting firm to fill a role, the odds are they have filled the same or similar position before. As a result, they know what you’re looking for in a candidate. 

Recruitment can be expensive and time-consuming, so if you lack the internal resources and time to manage the process, a specialist staffing agency can certainly help, especially with competitive pricing. 

Hire a Recruitment Agency Today

The cost of a poor hire can be worse than you may first think, with poor work performance and demotivation often proving contagious. So, save yourself time, stress, and money by using someone who knows and understands what they are doing and also understands what you want.   

It is now easier to save time money, source qualified candidates, and fill all your open roles faster with the help of specialist recruitment agencies and services.

To know more about this particular hiring model and how you can leverage it to its maximum potential within your organization, reach out to us at 

We can give you more information on our sourcing software and our on-demand recruiters.


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