Tweet, Tweet! Changing the Face of Your Social Recruiting

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Twitter bird tweeting Twitter isn’t just for the young’uns anymore. Forty-nine percent of Twitter-using job seekers are college graduates. Corporate giants like Google and Disney have hopped on the Twitter train. The world of employer brand is dramatically changing. As the evolution of organizations follow the trends of technological advances, their recruitment programs progress with them. These companies are only a few that use social media for recruiting. In fact, 92 percent of employers will use some form of social media in their recruiting process.

Google tops the leaderboard of CNN’s 100 best companies to work for. The organization knows how to treat its employees. Clearly, as they have more than 42,000 employees with a 20 percent growth rate, they are doing something right. They aren’t spending the big bucks to have a successful employee growth rate either. Twitter. They are using Twitter. A free social media site, seen millions of times a day.

The handle @GoogleJobs isn’t about Google. Sounds funny doesn’t it? It’s more than just the company; Google uses their @GoogleJobs handle excellently in conveying the culture within the organization with pictures, videos, and events. They couldn’t get the massive number of employees they have if they posted nothing but facts and stats. They are inviting, familiar, and relatable. As Google Co-founder Larry Page said, “Always deliver more than expected.” 

Disney, a company nearly all of the Millennials and Gen X grew up with, is now in the market for hiring them. “I love the fact that Disney’s company culture encourages a collaborative idea generation and out-of-the-box thinking,” says Sophia at the Disney Studios. Looking through the images and the tweets on the @TWDCjobs Twitter account, the creative atmosphere within the company culture couldn’t be stronger. With 149,000 employees, the creative atmosphere fosters a culture of ingenuity.

Look at UPS. They take a different approach to Twitter hiring than Google. Unlike its fellow Fortune 500 company, UPS focuses on the jobs rather than the company culture. “#HappyFriday everyone! RT to let your friends and family know UPS is hiring !” It is even apparent through the background, e.g. other UPS Twitter handles, heart icons with UPS benefits. As #55 on Fortune 500 list, it comes as no surprise they are ahead of the recruiting curve. UPS has even gone as far as putting its hiring Twitter handle on their HR and hiring process site.

There is a reason why these Fortune 500 companies are leading the race; they are changing the face of recruiting. With only 140 available characters, Twitter forces you to keep it short, sweet, and to the point. With the technology age expanding by the minute, people don’t have time to read long messages.

Twitter is a great way for your company to search for potential candidates (and for them to search for you). Job seekers look to hashtags for an easy way to search for your company, so create one dedicated to job openings. It makes it significantly easier for those candidates who are looking toward a specific industry because people will investigate brands through their own Twitter accounts. A successful recruiting and HR department is reliant upon innovation if they hope to get unique, qualified, and talented candidates. Jump ahead of the game, or with the game, rather. Don’t be part of the 36 percent not engaged in social media recruiting.

Ninety-four percent of employers plan on using social media to recruit new candidates. Join them and become be a part of the trend and the hashtag generation.

By Sarah Duke