U.S. Worker Confidence Increased at a Record-Breaking Pace

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peopleThe Randstad Employee Confidence Index recorded its biggest jump in its history in January 2012 as it rose five points from 47.4 in December to 52.4 in January. The index measures the confidence workers have in their employment situation and estimates the level of optimism present in the labor force regarding the economic climate. Online survey company Harris Interactive, the company who coordinated and carried out the national survey, confirmed that American workers are generally optimistic about the economy and hopeful about a job market rebound. The online poll consisted of 1,489 surveys of employed adults.

The survey revealed that confidence in the overall economic situation is increasing at a record rate. Worker confidence in the macroeconomic environment improved by 8.5 points over the month while the ratio of workers believing the economy was getting stronger (25 percent) grew by 7 percent over December. Additionally, 52 percent of workers felt that job availability was falling, an 8 percent drop from December.

Confidence in the ability to find new jobs over the next year declined slightly for the second consecutive month with 37 percent of workers optimistic; down from 40 percent in November 2011. Confidence in job security changed little over the month with 72 percent of workers optimistic about their ability to keep their jobs for the next year. One-third of workers surveyed indicated that they were likely to seek a different job at some point during 2012; an increase of 1 percent over December.

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