Callidus Launches New Video Interview and Assessment Application

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checkCallidus Software, a leading provider of Sales Performance Management (SPM) technologies, has recently announced the release of Sales Selector, a Software-as-a-Service sales video interview and assessments application. Sales Selector is currently being previewed at Dreamforce 2011, and will be made available to the general public in the fourth quarter of 2011.

The cloud-based application is designed to assist sales managers with their hiring decisions. By providing a combination of services for online video interviewing, assessment testing, and team benchmarking, Sales Selector streamlines the entire selection and assessment process, allowing sales managers to interview more applicants and make better hiring decisions.

“Sales Performance Management begins with selection. Traditional approaches to sales hiring are error prone, slow, and costly,” said Leslie Stretch, President and CEO, Callidus Software. “Callidus’ new Sales Selector SaaS solution, built on our industry standard multi-tenant platform, lets sales managers accelerate the hiring process while increasing their hiring success rate and coaching skills.”

Some key elements of Sales Selection Video Interview Service include:

  1. Sales interview: A fully-integrated video interview solution that allows sales managers to rapidly interview sales candidates over the web anytime, anywhere – away from the inherently cumbersome and time-consuming method of traditional interviewing.
  2. Sales Test: A sales proficiency assessment that accurately and efficiently evaluates candidate’s sales temperament as well as their suitability for specific sales roles based on 18 identified selling styles. The assessment generates a comprehensive report that details each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses and makes coaching recommendations in the event of selection – ultimately providing each hire with the tools they need to succeed.
  3. Sales Benchmarking: A benchmarking dashboard that lets managers compare their existing sales team against new candidates. This feature tests for team compatibility and potential for high performance.

Stretch continued with his remarks: “The solution delivers a unique combination of online video interviewing based on behavioral sales interview techniques, online assessment testing based on temperament for sales success, and team-based benchmarking based on a candidate’s closeness of fit to proven performers so that sales managers can effectively screen and evaluate more sales candidates faster, without the unproductive time away from selling.”

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