Ten Video Interview Technology Companies

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Recruiter Video InterviewingPut on your game face. If you haven’t already started some kind of video interviewing practice in your recruiting department, chances are you will soon.

Hopefully, your game face doesn’t look like our friend to the right.

Some “trends” are more like guesses or even science fiction. Agency recruiters never went away, the same ol’ job boards still have all of the job search traffic, and corporate recruitment didn’t become a decentralized function of hiring managers because of social media. In a word, recruiting is still recruiting.

However, the trend towards conducting video interviews seems so real and so obvious that we might actually see it come to fruition in the next few years. Using a video interview is now fairly common among large enterprises that have remote locations. The reason video interviewing is going to hit it big is that it provides the most basic, simple, important fix imaginable: it saves money.

Because the trend is so clear, it’s not surprising that a lot of vendors are moving into the space. There are quite a few new companies that provide video interviews, and the technology market is becoming quite crowded. No doubt that there will be some consolidation in the area over the next few years; however, the companies that emerge as leaders may experience a real windfall.

If you are looking for a video interviewing solution for your recruiting department, here are ten video interview companies that have emerged as early contenders:

  1. Active Interview
  2. CareerCam
  3. Green Job Interview
  4. HireVue
  5. InterviewStream
  6. Montage
  7. OVIA
  8. TalentVX
  9. VidCruiter
  10. ZuzuHire

Both corporate talent acquisition departments and recruitment agencies have good reason to check out video interviews. It seems like more than a fad, and as candidates get more used to web interaction, interviewing this way should be as natural (or more natural) than person-to-person interaction.

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