Want to Get Hired? Here Are the Soft Skills Employers Want Today

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As artificial intelligence and automation continue to advance, soft skills are only growing in importance. As routine and mundane tasks are passed off to the machines, employers are looking for candidates who bring to the table that which their robot counterparts cannot: creativity, collaboration, diplomacy, empathy, generosity, and more.

In today’s job market, it is often a candidate’s soft skills that make or break their shot at the job. But what soft skills should candidates — and their recruiters — play up to catch the attention of prospective employers? That depends.

Recently, NetCredit  analyzed more than 45,000 job ads to find out which soft skills were most in demand. It turns out the answer varies by geography and industry. For example, employers in Maine value humor the most, while employers in California need storytellers and employers in Hawaii prize humility. Similarly, HR jobs demand collaboration and creativity, while roles in construction and manufacturing require confidence.

Below, check out a couple of infographics from NetCredit summarizing the research. The first takes a look at the most in-demand soft skills in America, and the second offers some useful advice to job seekers about showcasing their soft skills during interviews.

Most In-Demand Soft Skills

How to Highlight Your Soft Skills

By Matthew Kosinski