What is On-Demand Recruiting and How Can Businesses Benefit from it?

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No matter what industry or niche your business belongs to, like every other organization that’s trying to establish itself, it is bound to experience fluctuations in hiring needs – from times when hiring spikes at an accelerated pace to times when it slows down or even halts completely.

As the COVID-19 pandemic subsides and life returns to normal, your internal recruiting resources might be stretched thin. Or if your business is struggling to meet a sudden need for talent,leveraging on-demand recruitment  can significantly improve your hiring outcomes.

Keep reading to learn about on-demand recruiting and how organizations can leverage this HR solution to meet their interim or short-term talent acquisition needs.

What Is On-Demand Recruiting?

On-demand recruiting is a recruiting model that recruiting agencies provide on a project or as-needed basis.

This flexible approach to hiring can be especially advantageous when a business faces huge spikes in hiring volumes or is going through short-staffed issues. On-demand recruiting allows HR leaders and business owners to accomplish their talent acquisition goals without having to sacrifice their time and productivity in the process of doing so.

For instance, a multinational food distribution company that recently leveraged digital interviews for on-demand recruiting saw avisible improvement in its time-to-hire ratio.

The majority of recruiting agencies out there design their on-demand hiring models to be highly flexible, allowing for personalization according to the business’s unique needs.

What Does the Process of On-Demand Recruiting Usually Encompass?

On-demand recruiting services improve flexibility and speed and provide enhanced access to industry-specific talent pools. You can think of it as “leasing” a team of recruiters to fuel your company’s in-house talent acquisition capabilities.

Some of the steps that a typical on-demand recruiting process usually involves are:

  • It begins with a quick 15-20 minute meeting to discuss your unique recruiting challenges.
  • A team of on-demand recruiters is then deployed. They work to find and hire the talent you need.
  • You can engage your team of on-demand recruiters for anywhere around a few weeks to a few months—as much time as you need to fulfill your talent needs.
  • Once the engagement has been fulfilled, the on-demand team will move on to another contract. You can rehire them as your hiring needs change.

On-demand recruiting solutions differ from contract recruiters because the former can instantly scale up or down according to clients’ needs. These recruiters also bring cutting-edge talent technology and processes, easy-to-implement recruiting programs. They also work closely with the HR manager for the term of the engagement.

When Should a Business Opt for On-Demand Recruiting Services?

The flexibility, scalability, and speed that come alongside on-demand recruitment can benefit businesses of all sizes and across all industries.

You can consider reaching out to an on-demand recruitment service provider if you are facing one or more of these human resource management challenges:

  • If you are experiencing rapid hiring growth that eclipses your internal recruiting resources
  • If you have experienced an unexpected surge in employee turnover and need to backfill roles as soon as possible
  • If your hiring needs are inconsistent or unpredictable and you need support for your in-house talent team on an on-again, off-again basis
  • If you need to fill one or more niche or hard-to-fill roles quickly
  • If you need support sourcing talent to fill your candidate pipeline with qualified talent

If your company requires a full-cycle recruitment process outsourcing solution, the on-demand recruitment model can be just the thing for you. It provides a limited-time, low-risk pilot program to assess if outsourced talent acquisition will cater well to your hiring needs.

A Few Common Benefits of On-Demand Recruiting for Businesses

On-demand recruitment can have several benefits for business owners, both established or only starting their journey. It can also help businesses that are about to undergo some form of disruption.

Let us look at a few advantages of this particular hiring model.

1. The Ability to Scale Up or Down at Any Given Time

One of the most significant benefits of leveraging the on-demand recruiting model for hiring is the ability to scale up or down per your immediate needs.

If your project or scaling requirements need more than one recruiter on-demand, you can easily ask the agency to scale up or down. Since on-demand recruiting is an extension of your in-house recruitment efforts, it acts as an additional resource to your HR department.

2. Greater Cost Flexibility

The next most important benefit of on-demand recruiting is that it enables you to calibrate the costs you incur.

In a stereotypical recruitment strategy, hiring managers and HR leaders must comply with federal and state labor laws when hiring a full-time employee. This is where on-demand recruitment allows greater flexibility.

On-demand recruiters join the team on an as-needed basis, allowing hiring managers to retain their on-demand workforce as long as necessary or let them go when demand decreases.

3. Enhanced Resilience During Business Disruption

On-demand recruiting supports the exact needs of your organization when they arise. In employment markets that face unpredicted obstacles, on-demand recruiting provides a level of comfort in knowing you can adjust your recruiting efforts as needed.

In highly competitive hiring industries, on-demand recruiting can be used to:

  • Hire for one specific role
  • Keep candidate searches as confidential as possible
  • Seek candidate sourcing and recruitment support
  • Support your in-house recruiting efforts consistently

All in all, on-demand recruiting can be the differentiating factor that sets your business apart from the competition and helps you grow at an exponential rate. Therefore, you should leverage it if you aim to scale your workforce quickly.

If you want to get in touch with some of the best on-demand recruitment service providers, feel free to reach out to us atRecruiter.com .

We can help you find a recruiting solution that seamlessly fits into your company culture and take it to the next level in the long run.


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