What the Heck Is Artificial Intelligence Anyway? This Video Has the Answers:

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brainThe subject has attracted a lot of attention recently, but many people are still wondering: What exactly is artificial intelligence?

According to a report issued by the Obama White House last year, “Some define AI loosely as a computerized system that exhibits behavior commonly thought of as requiring intelligence.”

Sounds simple enough – but this seemingly simply buzzword has made its way from industry to industry, scaring many professionals into thinking it is coming to automate their jobs and put them out of work.

What many of these professionals don’t realize – and maybe you don’t know it, either – is that almost all of us are already using AI.

So perhaps we should dive a little deeper into what AI is and how it can help make the processes we already have in place at work run even more smoothly.

Watch the video below for some clear answers from the experts who are developing artificial intelligence today – and have been for nearly a decade:

Noel Webb is cofounder and CEO of Karen.ai, a “cognitive recruiting assistant.”

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Noel Webb is cofounder and CEO of Karen.ai (Your Cognitive Recruiting Assistant), the latest project from his role as director of product Innovation at Innosphere. A veteran of business development and out-of-the-box thinking, Noel has been a leader in his roles over the years for several companies, including Bam Digital, SpeakFeel, and Agnition.

During his career as a technology leader, Noel has developed a passion for products and innovations and has been the driving force behind products such as OOLYO, Tech & Design, and TeamHQ. In addition, Noel has been a strategic advisor for high-profile clients such as Torstar Digital, Syngenta, Toyota, and Modis and helped them to build a product-driven approach to business.