Why Organizations Should Hire More Millennials

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Enthusiastic Multiethnic Business TeamThe millennial generation is represented byyoungsterswho were bornbetween1980 and early 2000s. They are characterized by digital expertize and a go-getter attitude. The professionals from this generation seek constant growth through constructive feedback regarding their performance and like working on a variety of projects, expecting to succeed in most. Confident and positive, millennials are now ready to take on the world. The following article will discuss why millennials are good hires and should be made an integral part of the workforce.

Quick Facts

Here are some interesting facts published in an infographic by UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School and Young Entrepreneur Council:

-By the end of 2014, millennials will constitute 36% of the US workforce. By 2020, this number will rise to 46%

-52% of millennials feel employers offering opportunities for career progression are more attractive

-65% of millennials say the opportunity for personal development is the most influential factor in a job

-25% see training and development as the biggest benefit provided by an employer

-Millennials value meaningful work (30%), high pay (28%) and a sense of accomplishment (25%)

The Advantages of Recruiting Millennials

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of hiring employees from this dynamic generation:

Tech-savvy –Millennialsgrew up with computers in their homes, which is why they are tech-savvy and quick learners. If you hire them, not only can they operate and recommend some of the most advanced technologies, they will also teach you to how to use social media and content management systems for your benefit.

Cost-effective – Millennials are not running after money as they give more importance to other benefits. Employees of this generation first look for work-life balance. They are highly motivated by flexibility and freedom for social media. Compensation is only one of the factors and not the primary driver.

Team players – While employees from the former generations constitute “The Me Generation,” the millennials are “The We Generation.” They have a heightened sense of community and relationships. Various events, group outings and common causes have translated into a mentality that promotes team building in the office, which is always good for the business to flourish. And once you welcome the millennials with open arms, they will encourage teamwork and collaboration, offering creative management techniques and teaching harmony to the other employees.

Acceptance seeking – They are the Trophy Generation that is good at what it does yet seeks regular feedback for further motivation. The need for validation and praise facilitates more effort and achievement. This means they require more feedback, but it would be worth it as they will work harder to improve upon it.

Self-expressive –Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook have taught Millennials the art of expressing themselves. Even though their parents may shudder at sharing of such nature, recruiters are rejoicing as it has had a positive impact for them. The social trend has given birth to a generation who is not afraid to speak up and bring new ideas to the table. In the workplace, this will translate into unabashed brainstorming, producing fresh perspectives and new solutions.

Aware of the competition – Belonging to the age where recession has been prominent makes this generation more conscious of the job market and aware of the competition levels. Therefore, unlike the older workers who may get too comfortable calling the shots, millennials will always count their blessings when given an employment opportunity. This is because they know the fact that there are more job seekers than openings, and someone will always be willing to take their position. Thus, they put in extra efforts to retain the job they were hired to fulfill.

If you still think hiring experienced workers over young employees is a better decision, think again. Millennials are now the generation to hire!

By Devika Arora