WorkSimple Released New Version of Social Performance Platform

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newsA report released by the Economist Intelligence Unit has revealed that 87 percent of senior executives believe that workers lacking job engagement are a top hazard to their business. WorkSimple’s new Social Engagement and Performance Analytics (SEPA) data mining tool is designed to help management gain valuable information regarding employee engagement and metrics involving goal creation and feedback and strategic alignment. SEPA reports data measuring variables such as goal creation, updates, and accomplishments and team-level goal review scores for use in monitoring engagement levels and providing feedback and recognition to employees.

SEPA identifies activities that are working and also those teams and individuals that need additional motivation all from an aggregative intelligent dashboard (Focus Board). Focus boards offer a visual way of understanding goal activity alignment and focus. SEPA streamlines the process of accumulating data about goal adoption and performance maximization to increase efficiency in how organizations share work.

WorkSimple is available at three pricing tiers: WorkSimple Always Free offers unlimited-use features including: Social Goals software, Team Focus Board, LinkedIn integration, WorkStory software, employee feedback and recognition, and professional reputation metrics. The Group Edition ($5 per user per month) includes all features in Always Free plus goal reviews and scores and enhanced team insight reporting. The Company Edition ($9 per user per month) includes all features from the other editions plus Company Focus Board, user-engagement reports, enhanced administration controls, and upgraded support.

Morgan Norman, co-founder and CEO of WorkSimple states, “The ever-increasing challenge in today’s competitive business climate is employee engagement, particularly for companies that are keeping up with the demands of their industry. As we become busier, we can’t always stop to have a team meeting and communicate priority changes. With Social Goals, everyone stays on the same page, as well as fully engaged. Now, WorkSimple is demonstrating the future of Talent Management with Performance and Social Engagement Analytics.”

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