WorkSimple Uses Social Network Streaming to Help Employees Manage Goals

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NewsKnown for making employee goals social and performance results-driven, WorkSimple has now made performance communication part of the stream by adding Agile Goals and Activity Stream. Just as social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have live feeds that stream information and feedback, WorkSimple has a live stream to share goals and feedback in the workplace allowing employees to give and get feedback from coworkers and self-manage goals.

Four out of five U.S. workers are dissatisfied with performance reviews because they believe the reviews do not accurately reflect their work. WorkSimple, taking this into consideration, has utilized social technology to allow co-workers to focus on goals, interact, and follow people in ways that are familiar to them.

According to CTO and co-founder of WorkSimple, Ben Moore, “Employees are already picking their CRM and they are choosing Salesforce. In the future, employees will also choose their performance management platform, and it won’t be the larger HR/talent management vendors out there today. They will select an employee-centered platform like WorkSimple.”

Like Facebook and LinkedIn, WorkSimple engages the workforce in a familiar way, implementing goals and information like updates, comments, feedback, and recognition to the employee through daily notifications. WorkSimple increases performance management and through an updated information stream, helps workers keep goals and performance in sight, also allowing for feedback. CEO, Morgan Norman, states that, “Organizations are quickly realizing that WorkSimple is enabling them to focus on innovation and creating business value in a way that traditional HR software doesn’t do.”

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