kissThere are two basic elements in the staffing process that determine your success as a recruiter.  (1) How quickly you search and match candidates with job orders and (2) How quickly a candidate is presented to the client. The following list describes 10 reasons why you will want to fall in love with your ATS so that you can increase your aptitude at both.

10. Because Your ATS should be your Best Friend.

A professional recruiter will want to become BFFs with their ATS.  Hopefully, it’s a system that is easy to use.  Searching for qualified candidates should become as easy and helpful as breathing for a recruiter, helping to quickly locate the very best candidates and matching them to open job orders.  The more skilled a recruiter becomes at utilizing their ATS, the better.

9.  Because Your ATS should Also  Be Your #1 Colleague.

When a recruiter shows up for work (or logs on to their ATS from their mobile device), what is the first thing that takes place?  In most cases, it is to login to their database and determine the priorities of the day.  A smart ATS combined with a CRM should include daily reports and dashboards that can identify, in real time, the status of a search and an individual’s and team’s activities to be executed.  In this way, an ATS becomes your #1 colleague and most dependable resource.

8.  Because Your ATS Helps Sustain Your Livelihood.

Falling in love with your ATS is not just about becoming friends and colleagues.. Let’s face it; the more adept you become with the system, it should help determine your income as well. The quicker you can navigate the system, the quicker it will do what it is meant to do… help you make more placements and earn more income.

7.  Because Your ATS Makes Your Life A Whole Lot Easier.

In addition to increasing a recruiter’s paycheck, your ATS should help make a recruiter’s work life a whole lot easier.  After all, the ATS was developed with the intent to automate processes and workflows and reduce arduous tasks and manual recruiting processes.  If there are roadblocks in your recruiting process or bottlenecks in your workflows or approval processes, this can greatly decrease efficiency.

6.  Because Your ATS Helps You Build Stronger Relationships.

An ATS that is built on a CRM platform will provide the very best way to track communications with both candidates and clients.  Not only that, but an ATS that is integrated with a  social recruiting module will make the process of connecting to social media profiles much easier.

5.  Loving Your ATS Is An Investment In Your Career.

The more you can nurture your relationship with your ATS, the more you will be investing in your career.  Why?  Because an automated ATS will help create better communications which is always suggested when building solid relationships and being viewed as a helpful, resourceful professional. When you are viewed as a helpful, resourceful, and efficient professional, you are building a great reputation that can create a much more successful career.

4.  Your ATS will Help You Grow As A Person.

Have you ever wondered what would happen personally if you made all of the right choices?  Life would probably be a lot more smooth.  The fact is, an ATS should help you make the right choices when it comes to matching candidates and job orders as well as provide a systematic, organized way to run your recruiting business.  If you take note of the way an ATS builds more efficiency into the recruiting process, you may very well take that approach outside of the recruiting environment.

3.  You Can Reach Your ATS Anytime, Day or Night, from Anywhere.

When you fall in love with your web-based ATS, you can access it from anywhere.  It will be there for you always… at home, at work or on your smartphone, 24 x 7.

2.  Unlike Your Significant Other, You Can Change Your ATS.

Change doesn’t have to be hard!  Hopefully, you’ve selected an ATS that can be easily customized and configured to meet the needs of your unique recruiting processes and industry requirements.  You’ve heard that change is the only constant, particularly in business.  So, having the flexibility to change fields and workflows is important.

And the #1 reason To Fall In Love With Your ATS…..

1.  Make More Placements And Be The Go-To-Recruiter In Your Industry

The #1 Reason To Fall In Love With Your ATS is, of course, to become a more efficient, more successful recruiter.  Once you become more efficient at your recruiting career, making placements will be a natural outcome. Once you make more placements, clients and potential clients will take note and you will be the go-to-recruiter in your industry.

So, have you fallen in love with your ATS?  If not, why not?

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